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Apple Brown Nikki

So I wasn’t going to post this recipe. Because I thought it would be kinda cruddy to post a WLS friendly dessert two days after Thanksgiving. But here’s the deal. This got a command encore. So here’s how the whole thing went down. I bring my sugar-free, high-fiber dessert to Thanksgiving dinner. I advertised it as sugar-free which, theoretically, meant …

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Protein Whoopie Pies

So I keep hearing about these things called “whoopie pies.” Now some purists might say that this is a food that cannot be WLS friendly. BUT I SAY NAY!!! So I decided to try. But more than that…I decided to take you guys along with me for the ride…whether you wanna go or not! Now I know what you want …

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Chocolate Cake (thanks to a Plump Kitty)

The video is coming people! Be patient! YIKES! It’s for newbies anyway so…there ya go…”old timers” there’s one coming for you this week too I(and if you LOVE Chinese take-out this will be a MUST WATCH). Ok, so some exciting stuff on the OH front. Our beloved Plump Kitty (aka “PK” originator of the meat crust pizza) has come home …

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Fast Food Swap: Low-Carb Apple Pie Pockets

I do too! So I tinkered around in the kitchen and came up with these babies. Mind you they are still on the moderation list. They are not protein forward. They are not even particularly low calorie (although if you look below at the comps to McD’s it is a significant reduction in calories). My suggestion? Make them. Freeze them. …

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Funnel cake

So most of you already know this, but for those that don’t…funnel cake is basically a glorified pancake. Sorry to ruin any romantic conceptions you had about this summertime carnival treat, but that’s basically what it is. The good news? This works to our advantage in creating a WLS friendly version. 3 fundamental problems with traditional funnel cake that make …

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