The Bariatric Foodie Guide to Perfect Protein Shakes

There is NO excuse for drinking a nasty protein shake.Bariatric Foodie Perfect Protein Shake Book Cover

Like none. Nada. Whatsoever.

So if you’ve been drinking nasty protein shakes? Stop that!

And get The Bariatric Foodie Guide to Perfect Protein Shakes instead!

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Here are a few things I’ve learned in the nine years since my gastric bypass surgery:

  • You can create nearly any protein drink your heart desires? (Newest sugar-laden Starbucks drink? You can recreate that. That 1,000 calorie monstrocity you saw at McDonald’s, Chick-Fil-A,(insert fast food joint) that you’re kinda sorta ashamed to admit sounds good but TOTALLY sounds good? Yep, you can recreate that!) And this book will break down how to make a great shake no matter what flavor it is!
  • Protein shakes do not have to = cold shakes. They don’t even have to be drinks! You can make hot drinks, protein ice cream, protein pudding. The possibilities are endless! This book gets you started on the path to protein bliss by introducing how to make things out of protein powder other than cold protein shakes.
  • Sometimes good protein goes very, very wrong. And many times this has to do with how you mixed your shake. Maybe it came out too thick, too thin or, universe-forbid, you got those weird, rubbery floaties in your shake (blech! If that happened to you I want you to know…my heart is with you…you will recover and in time move past this traumatic event!)

So as you can see, The Bariatric Foodie Guide to Perfect Protein Shakes is part recipe book, part instruction manual. Because it’s not enough to have a set of recipes. You could totally hate all my recipes. You could hate the ingredients I propose. You could hate… (wait…maybe I shouldn’t be emphasizing what you could hate here…). My point is this. If you know how protein shakes work (what makes them good and what makes them suck) you can create any protein shake flavor you want.

And knowledge is power, my friends. 

So whether you are a new post-op who’s been choking down less-than-desirable shakes OR a further out post-op looking to get back on track with high protein supplements, this book will give you the tools you need to find your own, personal protein shake bliss!

“Wait, Nik. I’m not that easily woo’d. How do I know this book will really do anything for me? What if you are a protein shake charlatan???”

Well firstly, thank you for thinking that because I have this unfounded love for the word charlatan (even though I know it’s a bad thing). But just in case my pitch isn’t quite convincing enough, check out what people are saying about The Bariatric Foodie Guide to Perfect Protein Shakes. (All reviews are from Amazon.)

  • “What a great little book! The recipes are delicious and it’s worth the money for the “Triple-X” blending secret alone. My protein shakes taste like milkshakes now! If you’re planning on having WLS, buy this book – if you gotta have upwards of 5 protein shakes a day, at least they should taste good.” Yitzchok G.
  • “I use recipes out of this book ALL the time. The best thing, in my opinion, however was the information about how to control the texture and thickness of the shakes. I was clueless and this made me feel like an expert!” Jen H.
  • “This book is great for anyone who wants to change up their protein shakes. There are so many recipes to choose from you can never get bored!” Rhechelle P.

Now I’m not gonna lie. It feels great to know this book has helped so many folks achieve protein shakes they love, and has earned a whopping 216 five-star reviews on Amazon! But here’s the deal. My motivation for writing this book wasn’t accolades (although they are good for the ego).

Lemme tell you why I really wrote this book.

My first experience with protein shakes was BAD. It was three days after my gastric bypass surgery and my now-late mother made me my very first protein shake out of milk and chocolate protein powder. But she didn’t use any method to mix it. She simply added the powder to the milk and stirred.

I thought I would die.

You have to remember, protein powders weren’t the same back then. I had surgery in 2008, before shake companies started doing things like using natural sweeteners, and before they finally figured out how to eliminate that funky “protein smell” from supplements (hallelujah for that day!). And as I choked down that horrid shake, I wondered “Can I really do this? If this is what it takes to be successful, will I fail?”

When I learned to “play with my food” I started making delicious shakes like this one, the Butterfinger Protein Shake. It’s by far one of THE most popular recipes on Bariatric Foodie! It’s also included in The Bariatric Foodie Guide to Perfect Protein Shakes.

Now you and I both know the answer to that: of course not! But when you can barely eat anything (I rarely got to a third bite of anything) and you have your surgeon’s protein goal looming over your head like a dark cloud, it feels like your protein shake is a make or break moment.

I remember the very first shake I made that was tolerable (the recipe is in the book!) It was a simple concoction: chocolate protein powder, skim milk, and a little bit of good quality instant decaf coffee.

Oh. My. WORD!

It was so much better. SO much better. And that’s when I started to think, “ok maybe I can do this.” It started my journey toward what would become a philosphy for me. Play with your food.

So that is to say that if you struggle with your protein, that’s normal. But you don’t have to go through it alone. You have resources. And I’d love to help you.

Check out The Bariatric Foodie Guide to Perfect Protein Shakes on Amazon, but also check out the protein drinks here on this site. Between those two things, I am almost sure you, too, will find your protein shake bliss. Good luck – I’m rooting for you!

Order on Amazon!

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