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Three books that changed the way I think about my body and food

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Fun fact about me. I think a LOT. Especially when it comes to the journey to better health. I think about what made me get obesity in the first place, what events in my life formed my attitudes around food and eating, what I think about my body, why sometimes it’s very easy to control what I eat while at …

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Monica G. – What I learned at Obesity Action Coalition #YWM2016 Convention

In June 2016, Bariatric Foodie held an Obesity Action Coalition Membership Drive and Convention Trip Sweepstakes. Monica G. of San Jose, Calif. won the sweepstakes, which provided an expenses-paid trip to the OAC “Your Weight Matters” Convention, held in 2016 in National Harbor, Md. Here, Monica reflects on her convention experience. I am of the belief that everything happens for …

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Four Hard Truths I Had to Accept After Weight Loss Surgery

They say when you have weight loss surgery, they operate on your stomach and not your head. Most of the time when I hear this said it’s pertaining to hunger, appetite and eating. But it’s true in so many ways. I don’t know about you guys, but there were ways I was much more balanced as an obese person than …

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3 Things I Learned in Haiti That Changed Me

I struggled with how to do this blog post. This trip was so educational for me. I learned a lot about Haiti, about the world, but especially about myself. It would be impossible to summarize in one blog post. So I thought I’d concentrate it to the thee big things I learned that truly did change me. But first… Why …

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Throwback Thursday: Nik Takes the Hunger Challenge

So…three years ago this summer I decided to do something a little radical. Now to understand why I did this you have to know a few things about me: By day I work as a writer for a non-profit that deals with global hunger (among other things). My mother had just died. My kids live with their father during the summer …

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#YWM2014 Lunch With the Experts Recap: Binge Eating

First, thank you for your patience in waiting for me to post this! And my apologies for the delay. As it usually happens with me there was a bit of a challenge in writing this recap in that I lost my notes! I’m going from memory here but thankfully I have a good memory so let’s get to it! For …

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What I Ate at FitBloggin

So I promised a Foodie recap of FitBloggin (meaning Fitbloggin in terms of what yours truly ate). Not everything was that exciting so I thought I’d hit a few points. Make your own granola with California Almonds! The folks at California Almonds had a neat set up. They had these HUGE bowls full of a bunch of different things you …

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