Tell me if this sounds like you.Nikki Massie

You’ve had weight loss surgery and so far you’re doing pretty well. You’re following the rules you were given: protein first, lots of water, vitamins and physical activity. You’re losing weight, it’s working! BUT. You wonder…will I ever be able to have sushi again? Or lasagna? Or how about birthday cake? Do I really have to give up the things that I love forever?

I have good news for you. The answer is “No!” And here’s what’s better. You can have the foods you love and still lose weight. How?

By learning to play with your food!

This site is not a diet plan. It’s not full of gimmicks and promises. It’s just the journey of one gastric bypass patient who strives to live healthfully but still loves good food.

Do you feel the same? Then I have more news for you: you might be a member of the #FoodieNation.

That’s what we call ourselves around these parts. We are a group of post-ops from all around the world who believe there’s no food that can’t be made weight loss surgery friendly. We reject the notion that we can’t enjoy food and live a healthy lifestyle. We like to talk about food, look at pictures of food, but we also like to talk about our relationship with food, work through our struggles and celebrate our success.

But who am I? I’m Nikki. I started this blog because I was very confused after I had weight loss surgery on January 8, 2008. I didn’t know it back then but food had taken a very unhealthy place in my life and removing it made me go to very dark places.

For me, the road to recovery began my process of making peace with food. Along the way I’ve accepted that food can’t be my best friend, boyfriend and the answer to all my problems. But that doesn’t mean I’m not allowed to enjoy it! And I do, along with thousands of other post-ops who are active on this site.

So if you’re looking for great recipes, fun challenges, product reviews (and the chance to win some of those healthy products) and the motivation to push yourself toward your healthy lifestyle, you’ve come to the right place.

Welcome. We’re better for you being here!

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