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3 Things I Learned in Haiti That Changed Me

I struggled with how to do this blog post. This trip was so educational for me. I learned a lot about Haiti, about the world, but especially about myself. It would be impossible to summarize in one blog post. So I thought I’d concentrate it to the thee big things I learned that truly did change me. But first… Why …

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What I’ve Learned About Eating From Different Food Cultures

I’ll start this off by saying I apologize in advance for any inaccuracies about cultures. I’m speaking based on my own understanding. But still. I’ve eaten a lot of different kinds of foods with a lot of different kinds of people. As a lover of international cuisine, I am quite passionate about authenticity so I work hard to seek out …

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Nik Manifesto: Three Ways of Thinking that Can Hurt Your Weight Loss

Every once in a while, when the stars align correctly, I get in the mood to write a manifesto. The disclaimer here is that these are my thoughts. I’m not a doctor. I’m not a registered dietician. I’m not a psychologist. But I am a post-op who comes into contact with a LOT of other post-ops on a day-to-day basis …

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BF Top 5: Reasons I COULD dislike myself (but choose not to!)

So every once in a while I feel moved to write a manifesto. Today’s is loosely about gratitude. Or perspective. Maybe both. One of the most frustrating things from where I sit is seeing folks who are doing amazing things with their bodies and lives not enjoying it. I can understand this sentiment because I was one of those people …

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On Surgery & Gimmicks: An Open Letter to People Magazine

This open letter was written in January 2013. Since then, possibly through the advocacy of the bariatric and general community, I’m happy to report People has elected NOT to use the “No Surgery! No Gimmicks!” language on its 2016 weight loss issue.  As it happens every year, this morning I was standing in line at the grocery store and happened upon …

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Nik Manifesto: About Hunger

I guess you can call this another of my manifestos. But I’m not angry about anything so…not sure if that fits. People ask me about hunger a lot. It confuses them. And it is confusing in general. What is hunger? And especially, what is hunger after weight loss surgery? These are good questions (which I’m not even going to try …

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