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OAC "Your Weight Matters" (#YWM2013) Recap – August 15, 2013

Today’s recap is not that eventful. I took two planes. I did NOT take Spirit Airlines which means the planes got where they were supposed to go when they were supposed to get there. Yay! Upon arriving in Arizona, I had three thoughts: Damn, it’s hot! This landscape is gorgeous! I am about to be among “my people!” And I …

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BF Top 5: Questions Weight Loss Surgery Pre-Ops Ask Me

Obligatory “Fed” Disclaimer: When clicking links in this blog post related to products, you will be redirected to sites where those products are available for purchase. If you purchase products through those links, a portion of the sale price is paid back to Bariatric Foodie.  We’re coming to an end to our “Pre-Op Love Fest.” I hope that all my …

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The Bariatric Foodie Pre-Op Prep Kit

Pre-OPS! Have you felt the love this week on Facebook and Twitter? We’ve been discussing the transition to surgery this week. We’ve talked about products you can check out, we’ve talked about perceptions and fears. We’ve even learned to make nummy S’mores protein pudding together! Now I have one more thing to help you prepare for your “bariatric afterlife.” I’m …

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OAC “Your Weight Matters” (#YWM2013) Conference Recap: Friday!

WARNING: There’s a lot to cover so this post is going to be LONG. Many of you got the moment-to-moment on Facebook and Twitter, but I wanted to give you a more in-depth look at what I did today! Meals Let’s start there because that’s pretty straight-forward. So far, OAC has been doing an excellent job of giving us healthy …

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#WLSFA Meet & Greet Recap (Part Two)

I’m late as all get out! I could give you some spiel about life being busy but…what does it matter? Here we are and I am late! So where did I leave off? Oh yes, at the lunch. So after hearing Dr. Garth speak I returned to the Quest exhibition table for a few hours. We completely “sold out” (gave …

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Nik’s #WLSFA2013 Recap: Part One

(This is part one of two. Check back later this week for part two!) I just returned from the Weight Loss Surgery Foundation “Mother of All Meet & Greets”, held at Bally’s Las Vegas from May 17 – 19. And now I wanna tell you ALL about it! Firstly, a big shout out to Quest Nutrition (makers of our beloved …

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