Chocolate Cake (thanks to a Plump Kitty)

The video is coming people! Be patient! YIKES!

It’s for newbies anyway so…there ya go…”old timers” there’s one coming for you this week too I(and if you LOVE Chinese take-out this will be a MUST WATCH).

Ok, so some exciting stuff on the OH front. Our beloved Plump Kitty (aka “PK” originator of the meat crust pizza) has come home to us! She’s been through the rigamarole of life and has the battle scars to prove it but she’s one tough chick who is hanging in there and I LOVE HER! You should too 🙂 So anyhoo…first order of business after returning home to OH? Posting yummy recipes of course! Her original recipe was for banana bread but I tweaked it into a choco-nana cake. Hers is made in a bundt cake pan whereas I made mine in a mini-loaf pan (I got issues with portion control), but it is YUMMY. It is chocolatey, real cake consistency and…check it…NO FLOUR!!! This mini-loaf (which will fill an old timer up…a newbie would get through maybe 1/2) has only 6 net grams of carbs and 115 calories and, get this…18g of protein…for chocolate cake!!! This WILL be my birthday cake. I am getting some mini-cake pans asap. My birthday is December 4 for all anyone who would like to send a gift 😉

PK inspired choco-nana cake
1 3/4 c. chocolate whey powder
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp baking soda
2 tsp baking powder
Wet Ingredients
3 eggs, beaten
1 c. Splenda
1.5 very, very, very, VERY ripe bananas (we’re talking brown here people – btw brown bananas are fine usually they are just sugary as all hell so if you bake with them, don’t add so much sweetener)
1/3 c. unflavored greek yogurt
1/3 c. NSA apple sauce (ugh! Why does the formatting always change on me??? Anyway I subbed apple sauce for the margarine)
1/3 c. baking cocoa (unsweetened)

Directions are same as PK’s original recipe:
1. Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees
2. Mix together banana, Splenda, eggs, cocoa and apple sauce for 3 minutes
3. Sift whey powder, salt, baking soda, and baking powder into a separate bowl
4. Mix dry ingredients into wet ingredients and mix well
5. Pour into WELL- SPRAYED baking pan (I have problems with portion control so I used my mini-loaf pan)
6. For my mini-loaf pan I’d say bake about 25 minutes but for the bundt PK suggests, bake 40 minutes. Either way bake until a toothpick comes out clean.

Verdict: These smell WONDERFUL and look like little brownie loaves. PK…if this is as yummy as it looks…I’m coming for you gal! We already got a RNY cooking commune in the dessert and we will treat you like ROYALTY!!!ETA: Verdict – Girls, get the van! We’re going to pick ‘er up! It is rich and chocolatey and has the consistency of an Eggface 5 minute cake. I think this could be a VERY good protein cupcake recipe (or just cake if you have a mini-cake pan and make it for your birthday). The over ripe bananas made the flavor of the banana come through without have to use so many of them (for future reference if your bananas are just very, very ripe instead of very, very very, very ripe then you can bake them in the oven for about 5-10 minutes (until the skins turn brown) and get the same effect. I topped with some lowfat cream cheese. Oh. My. NOM!

Chocolate Cake (thanks to a Plump Kitty)
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Chocolate Cake (thanks to a Plump Kitty)
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  1. holy crap! this is amazing!! i saw your FB post, linked to this, got up and made it immediately. Just had my first bite – yum!!!!


  2. I ran the ingredients thru my Mastercook software and your calorie count is way too low for the whole cake. A good size banana can have 100 calories alone. What is the serving size?

  3. I have it in the oven now! I can't eat it (too soon out of surgery) but I'll be back with the verdict from my dad who has an aversion to healthy food. He has no idea what's in it. Can't wait!

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