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BariatricPal Product Reviews

Product Review: BariatricPal Multivitamin One

BariatricPal is an official sponsor of the 2019 Bariatric Foodie Pledge, a four-week goal-setting and accountability challenge that starts January 27th. Are you signed up to participate? If not, click here to get signed up so you can have the chance to win prizes for making healthy goals! ***NOTE: In the original version of this review, I erroneously listed the …

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Product Review: BariatricPal Protein One

This review was sponsored by BariatricPal. All opinions expressed are my own! Protein. Multi-vitamins. Fiber. BariatricPal’s new Protein One. We’ve got a lot to talk about. Grab a latte. I’ll wait. You back? Good! New post-ops. Do you know how spoiled you are? Lemme tell you what life was like when I was a new post-op. There three…maybe four…protein companies …

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Product Review: Bariatric Pal Protein Chips

This review was sponsored by BariatricPal.com. All opinions are my own. Ok before we get into the glorious world of chips, I need to tell you that BariatricPal is offering us a suh-WEET discount on these protein chips, guys. 25% off BariatricPal brand chips (hint: look for the ones with the names I reference in this review) with code FOODIECHIPS! But …

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Product Review: Bariatric Pal Soups

I’m going to warn you up front. We have a LOT of ground to cover here. So if you don’t have a good few moments to dedicate to reading this review, my feelings would not be hurt if you decided to come back to it. But DO come back! This review has not only information about Bariatric Pal and their soups, …

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