AmBari Nutrition

Product Review: AmBari Nutrition Jump Start Energy Drink Mix

I’m gonna keep it 100% real with you guys. Jump Start Energy Drink Mix wasn’t an easy product for me to assess, but not for the reasons you think. There were three main reasons I struggled with this one: Because it took some time for me to understand what it was supposed to do The reason it took some time …

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Product Review: Bariatric Food Source Cinnamon Protein Squares

For those of you who have ever looked at my protein baked oatmeal recipes and said, “That sounds yummy but that’s a bit more than I wanna do…” REJOICE! I may have a solution for you. Let’s get into these protein Cinnamon Squares from Bariatric Food Source. About Bariatric Food Source Bariatric Food Source is an online store that carries …

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Product Review: AmBari Protein Bars

For this product review, Foodies, I rode alone. No LPD, no boyfriend, no random neighbor guy down the street. Just me. And 7 protein bars. This was, of course, out of necessity. LPD has been attacked by some horrid strain of germs and is currently under quarantine. (Hey…it’s for the public good!) Random neighbor guy down the street…well I haven’t …

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BF Product Review: AmBari Protein Snacks

So after my impassioned (and pictorial) story about conducting AmBari Shake Variety Pack product review, I feel like I set the bar kind of high. I’m sorry to disappoint you but this review process wasn’t nearly as eventful! Also in my “post-op zombie apocalypse survival kit” (also known as AmBari Starter Kit) was a variety of protein snacks. Now I …

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Product Review: AmBari Nutrition Protein Shake Variety Pack

This is the story of how I, along with La Petite Diva (my youngest daughter, henceforth “LPD”), my boyfriend and a random neighbor guy down the street got drunk off of protein shakes. Yes you read that right. Let me explain. Really if I start at the beginning, this is the story of how Nikki’s crazy life led her to believe …

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