Protein Shake: Chai Latte (Pam style!)

~~by Nikki

Ok, I’ll admit it. I’m the one person in the whole RNY universe who never tried Pam’s Protein Chai Tea. That is, until recently. I like chai just fine. I just wasn’t passionate enough about it to go buy the ingredients and mix it up. And I get my protein well without it so it was always a “one of these days I’m a’gonna try it…”

So one day I am chatting with Pam (as I do about 40 hours out of every week) and told her of my wish to someday “Try the Chai.” Well she had some things to send to me and when I got the box I found a little surprise: two containers of chai mix!

So I tried it hot. And it was warm and loverly. But I’m a cold protein drink gal ya see. So I decided to make it into a protein shake. Here’s what I did:

Pam’s Protein Chai Latte Shake

8 oz. skim milk (yes I KNOW there is dry milk in the mix…go with it!)
1 serving Pam’s Protein Chai Mix
2 tablespoons sugar-free vanilla syrup3 packets of no-calorie sweetener (pink, blue, yellow…whichever)

Blend using the Triple X method. Top with whippage and a dash of cinnamon.

YUMMY! It’s what I imagine a Starbucks Chai flavored Frappucino would taste like (I never tried one before surgery…one of the great tragedies of my life).

Now if you don’t have the will to buy the ingredients for Pam’s mix (and some of us just don’t…although we should), know that Davinci makes Sugar Free Chai Tea concentrate or there’s a great Sugar Free Oregon Chai Concentrate which you could easily add to a vanilla base shake. Results are not quite the same but it’s still a really good shake.

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  1. I love all the added ingredients to the mix – I might just have to make this version and test it out. Thanks for the shout out!