Triple X Revisited

(Side note: How’s THAT title for search engine optimization? Hi, pervs!)

It’s been a few years since I introduced the Foodie Nation to the Triple X Method of Making Protein Shakes, which results in triple-thick protein shakes.

Since then I’ve heard a lot of feedback from you guys. For some of you the method works great. For some, not so much. I’ve done some follow up and have determined that a revision to the method is in order.

So let’s go over the steps. Revisions are in red.

Step One: Combine your liquid (milk or water works), protein powder and any additives (pudding mix, sugar-free syrups, etc.) in a blender. This method works best with small blenders, like a Magic Bullet, Ninja or something as basic as this one that I use at my job. The smaller the blender, the better the method works! Blend your ingredients for two minutes. Yes, two minutes. Set the timer (the microwave works well as a timer too) and let it go that long. Think of your shake sort of like cream. If you leave it alone it’s just cream. Whip it a little and it becomes whippped cream. Whip it more it becomes butter. Whip it even more (and cool it at the same time) and it becomes ice cream. Same with a protein shake. The longer you let it go in your blender, the more aerated it will become and the foam you hate mixes in and turns the liquidy part of the shake into something quite dreamy. Don’t believe me, just watch!

Also, the kind of protein you use will also affect the outcome. Some proteins, like Click and Fit Frappe have natural thickeners, like guar gum, in them and so when you blend them a long time they get REALLY thick. Others, namely very low calorie whey isolates, won’t have those thickeners so they don’t work as well with this method!

Step Two: When you stop the blender you should see something I call “gurgle pop” (see the video for an illustration). If you get gurgle-pop, you are now ready to add ice. Add enough ice cubes so that at least TWO break the surface of your liquid. Any less and your final product will be too thin to be triple thick. Any more and you are starting to lessen the flavor/sweetness of your shake (for those who have issues with sweet stuff, though, this may be a plus). 

Step Three: Blend an additional minute or until your blender purrs like a kitten. It should turn out about this consistency.
Yummmm. Now I know some of you don’t like the thick shakes. If you don’t, no worries! Here at Bariatric Foodie we’re all about having your food, your way. Which is why I always say…PLAY WITH YOUR FOOD!
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