Pumpkin Toffee Protein Shake

According to my children, pumpkin time is over.
This, of course, led to a discussion of the popular Christmas songs that actually include pumpkin references. (By the way, I could actually only think of two: “Hear Those Sleigh Bells Ringing” and “No Place Like Home for the Holidays” but if you can think of  others, help me build my case!!!)
So all that is to say I don’t know if you consider Thanksgiving the end of “pumpkin season” but I…do not.
This morning I knew I wanted some sort of pumpkin shake but I wanted to play with the standard pumpkin pie shake recipe. And I’m glad I did because this is yummy!
Nik’s Pumpkin Toffee Protein Shake
For a cold shake: Mix it up in your blender using the Triple X Method. Or not. Your choice!
For a hot drink: Omit the ice and mix it up according to my hot protein shake making instructions. Or not. Your choice!
So…this was good. But I have been stricken with the dreaded “little pouch sydrome,” or, LPS as I like to call it. So as I type 3/4 of this yummy shake is sitting beside my computer staring at me. Hmph. It was still yummy though!


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