Product Review: Pepperidge Farm Very Thin Bread

~by Nikki

Not that we eat bread or anything. Nooooo…I don’t eat bread! Do you eat bread? (well maybe just a little…)

In all honesty, I do occasionally eat bread. But the main reason I don’t most of the time is because it’s bulky, it takes up too much room and it makes my stomach hurt!

On the way to Cincinnati OH Conference with my friends Nessa and Deb, however, I experienced some bread that was very, very different.

This slice of bread is RAZOR thin. 40 calories a slice. It takes three or four slices to equal the thickness of your standard slice of bread. I am not kidding. Lookit (not my hand by the way):

Now I know we’re all about the Arnold Thins in our community, but consider this: have you ever tried making French toast out of an Arnold Thin? (Side note: I have. It’s not bad…just not the same). And raise your hand if even the Arnold thin is too damn much (raises hand). This little guy is so cute and he gives me the ability to eat a complete sandwich with less calories and carbs than a normal sandwich AND it doesn’t make my tummy hurt.

(It’s hard to believe I don’t get any kick back from this review, but I truly don’t)

So anyway, check it out if you see it in the store. This morning I made poached eggs and toast with them. My next venture is to figure out a higher protein/lower fat creamed chipped beef and toast recipe to slap on these suckers (but don’t tell Jen…stuff like that is a frickin institution in the South and she might disown me…)

One comment

  1. I bought some and I love it!

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