BF Top Ten: Sugar-free syrups you really should try!

~~posted by Nik and Jen

Da Vinci SUGAR FREE Peach Syrup 750mL

We get a lot of notes and e-mails that read like this:

Dear Nik and Jen,

I want to try some sugar-free syrups but don’t know which to buy! Besides the standard (chocolate, vanilla, caramel), what would you suggest?

Have no fear, Bariatric Foodie is here! (yes, that was corny, thanks for noticing…)

Whether you like Torani or Davinci, here is our Top Ten list of syrups you should definitely give a try!

  1. Hazelnut: both Nik and Jen both agree this is actually a staple flavor. Hazelnut is warm and comforting and can be added to many things. We add it to our Nutella protein shake and Hot Nutella protein drink. We also use it as an accent in our whipped cream!
  2. Peppermint Paddy: This is one of Nik’s favorites. She likes to make a mint Click shake, her hot “Thin Mint for grown-ups” drink and many other things with this.
  3. Caramel is probably Jen’s most frequently used flavor. She adds it to Pumpkin Caramel Protein Smoothies, Clicktastic Salted Caramel Hot Cocoa, and countless other yummies, both drinks AND desserts.
  4. White Chocolate: Informational tip: do you know what actual white chocolate is? It’s the butter from an unroasted cocoa bean with added sugar. It’s rich and delicious and makes a great protein shake! Check out Jen’s White Chocolate Strawberry Cheesecake shake for more details!
  5. English Toffee: scroll below for Nik’s latest fast food knock-off protein drink—the “Coffee Toffee Balanced Frosty.” This also dresses up plain old chocolate pudding fabulously.
  6. Kahlua: Nik uses it to make her “Protein Mudslide” , and Jen puts it in her White Russian Protein Shake, not to mention Sugar Free Tiramisu Trifle, but you can use it for whatever you want!
  7. Black Cherry: for the fruit lovers in the mix, a few pumps of this in your Nectar Roadside Lemonade…and you have a party in your protein shake! And for us chocaholics, it makes a fine chocolate covered cherry shake.
  8. Coconut: Jen is not generally a coconut fan but Nik is! She uses this flavor in her “Samoa” Hot Protein drink and sometimes as an addition to her sugar-free coconut macaroons!
  9. Raspberry: This also makes a great addition to the Nectar Roadside Lemonade OR you can make a Black Forest Click, hot or cold!
  10. Peach is another flavor Jen uses quite a bit of, especially as an addition to the Yoplait Smoothie mix with a scoop of vanilla protein. NOM!

…And a few we just ordered because they sounded too good to resist!

Torani sugar-free brown sugar cinnamon syrup: Nik plans to soak her morning oats in this, along with some sugar-free pancake syrup for some maple and brown sugar action! She is also contemplating combining it with…

Davinci Praline: Those of you not from the south, this would be a buttery pecan flavor. This + sugar-free brown sugar syrup = Pecan pie protein drink baby!!!

Now for the shake recipe…

Nik’s Coffee-Toffee Balanced Frosty


8 oz. milk
1 scoop vanilla protein powder
3-5 tsp good instant coffee (like this), depending on how strong you like it
3-5 pumps Davinci sugar-free English Toffee syrup
No-calorie sweetener, to taste
6-8 ice cubes


Combine all ingredients in a blender and whiz the hell out of it! Top with fat-free whipped cream, if desired.

So try one of these syrups and get creative in the kitchen! If you come up with something good…you know what to do!

BF Top Ten: Sugar-free syrups you really should try!
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BF Top Ten: Sugar-free syrups you really should try!
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  1. I also use the fruity ones (Black Cherry especially) in my water. Ever since my surgery, I have trouble drinking plain water for some reason. Sweetened with SF syrup, though, 64 ounces goes down EASY! A tiny bit goes a long way!

  2. Melissa~ that's a great tip! Thanks for sharing!~~Jen

  3. I prefer fruit in my cottage cheese so I add a little coconut, pineapples, and a berry flavor syrup with a small individual serving of mixed fruit for breakfast or a later treat. Yum.

  4. Finding sugar free syrups that taste good can be tricky. But once you find the right one, it is worth it! You are able to still get a good flavor but not feel bad about yourself for consuming so much sugar.

    • So true! I used to use a lot of syrups back in the day and I know that can get expensive, so my advice is to find a few flavors you love and invest in those, then invest in finding lots of ways to use them so you have variety!

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