One Ingredient Fixes to Jazz Up Your Strawberry Protein!

So…strawberry protein. It’s sort of a conundrum to me. I’m not the biggest fan but then I wasn’t a strawberry milk person either. I like actual strawberries. Just not strawberry protein so much. So that is to say I always alter strawberry protein.

Here are my one-ingredient fixes for strawberry protein to go along with the ones I’ve already offered for chocolate and vanilla.

Nik’s One Ingredient Fixes for Strawberry Protein

Unsweetened Cocoa Powder

Calories: About 20-25 for a tablespoon
Cost: $3-4

Ok, aside from the obvious “chocolate covered strawberry” reference, you should know this: most strawberry protein powders are vanilla with strawberry flavoring added in. That being said, the vanilla undertones offer up some opportunities. In this case what do we think of when mixing together strawberry, vanilla and chocolate? I dunno about you but I think Neopolitan baby!!! A tablespoon of unsweetened cocoa powder (and a few packets of sweetener depending on your tastes) will get you there.

Butter Extract

Calories: None!
Cost: $3-4

I know what you’re saying. What’s up with the extracts??? But they really do come in handy. I have an arsenal of these suckers in my pantry. Ok so what’s up with the butter extract? Buttery, vanilla, strawberry…anything coming to mind (especially when you add whipped cream to the mix)? Shortcake! It’s amazing how the butter flavor brings that home. I’m sounding like a broken record, I know, but with extracts a little goes a long way. You can always add, you can’t take away so be careful!

Powdered Peanut (PB2)

Calories: About 53 for 2 tablespoons
Cost: $5-8-ish dollars

PB2 has shown up on all three lists so it must be a good investment, right? This, again, replicates a favorite food of mine. Peanut butter and jelly! Need I say more?

Flavored Fizzy Water

Calories: None
Cost: Varies but usually $1 or so

Use half a cup of water as your shake base instead of milk. Blend your protein then add ice. Top off with a little flavored fizzy water and you have a virgin-esque strawberry daiquiri type situation. If you happen to have a bottle of sugar-free Davinci Butter Rum syrup around, that only adds to the mocktail feel of it all.

Sugar-free pudding mixes 

Calories: 40 per tablespoon
Cost: $1-ish

There are many possibilities here, as there were when I mentioned these on both the last two lists! If you add banana cream, you get strawberry banana without the carbs of the banana. Chocolate does the same thing as the Neopolitan idea (but with a few more calories). Cheesecake and you get strawberry cheesecake. You get the idea!

Splurge: Vanilla Latte Click

Calories: 120 for two scoops (but I only ever use one)
Cost: $20 for a tub of it

Did you like the strawberry Frappucino drinks at Starbucks back in the day? Well you can replicate that using everyone’s favorite addiction…er, latte protein Vanilla Click (there’s also mocha for us chocoholics)! One scoop with your milk based shake and you’ll be saying, “take THAT Starbucks! HUH!”

For Even More Great Shake Ideas

Check out the Bariatric Foodie Guide to Perfect Protein Shakes! This book is small but mighty, taking your protein shakes from “so-so” to “SO GOOD!” It’s part recipe book (with dozens of recipes, including how to make no-sugar added shakes that taste like some of your favorite candies), and part play-book (showing you how to turn your protein powder into protein ice cream, protein pudding and more!)

Bariatric Foodie Perfect Protein Shake Book Cover

Get Your Copy!

One Ingredient Fixes to Jazz Up Your Strawberry Protein!
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One Ingredient Fixes to Jazz Up Your Strawberry Protein!
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