Nik’s Protein “Blizzard”

~by Nikki

Oh Dairy Queen…DQ…whatever you want to call it!!! I used to love you (and your blizzards)! But now I can’t anymore!!!

Piety? No. Not me! I am a firm sugar dumper and anything from their Blizzard menu takes me from here to Dumpsville in about 3 minutes.

Recently, I decided to take the advice that we’ve given to you all so very many times. I started playing with my food!

What I present today is more a methodology, although I’m going to give you the recipe to the above. The bottom line is this: I made a protein Blizzard!!!

Now, your mileage may vary, but here are the rules I established for myself for this endeavor (for accountability’s sake):

#1 – The base for this drink had to be a good, upstanding protein shake

#2 – The “chunky” additives could NOT be empty calories. They needed to give me protein or fiber. Or some combination of both. Fat? Well…I guess I could add some good fat in the future, but for the purposes of my initial experiment, I wanted to focus on protein and/or fiber.

#3 – The result would be considered a meal replacement, not a snack (although with as much protein as I managed to pack into this baby I doubt I could have did it as a snack anyway)

With those rules firmly in hand, here’s my very first “Protein Blizzard” presented two different ways.

Nik’s “Clickity Split” Blizzard


4 oz. milk
1 scoop Click mocha
1 scoop chocolate protein powder
2-3 packets Splenda (to taste)
1 Oh Yeah! wafer (I used peanut butter cup…of course!). Use whatever bar you have on hand…but only as much as is equal to 100-ish calories.
6 pieces of ice

Option #1: The “impatient mommy” method

So you start off using the Triple X method. Your mixture will be thicker than normal. Kinda like this:


You put your milk, protein powders and Splenda in your blender cup and blend for two minutes (yes, two whole minutes!). Then you add the ice and blend again. I will tell you this is not an easy feat. You are not giving your blender much liquid to work with.

Post-ice concoction. Mmmmmm…

Once that business is done, you add the cut up protein bar and cereal and whiz until it is just incorporated (literally two seconds or so…). Or you can just stir it into the finished shake.

My Oh-Yeah! wafer on its path to epic glory!!!

Spoon it into a glass and eat it with a spoon. Now, this already has enough going on, so I didn’t put any whippage on top but hey…I’m not the boss of you!

Option 2: Super-Chunk method

The divas pointed out that the above version was missing the “super chunk” of a real DQ blizzard. Their suggestion? “Make it out of protein ice cream, mommy,” say-eth La Grande Diva. Genius! I did try that (although sadly I did not snap any pictures) and it worked well. Here’s the recipe I used.


1 c. prepared and hardened protein ice cream (check out our girl Michelle for a million and two recipes)
1/2 c. milk
1 chopped up Oh Yeah! wafer
Additional sweetener, as you see fit


Place ice cream in your blender (make sure it isn’t too hard. If it’s been in the freezer a while, let it soften on the counter for about 10 minutes before attempting this) with your milk and whiz it just slightly (maybe 10 seconds. maybe.)

Either add your chunks and whiz again for 2-3 seconds or spoon them in. I’d advise, with the ice cream, whizzing them.

This is a good method if you already have protein ice cream in your freezer. If you want this NOW? I would go with method #1. But the choice is yours.
Some other suggestions for Blizzard fixings:

  • Chopped nuts
  • Half of YOUR favorite protein bar chopped up (I used Oh Yeah! wafers cuz…it’s what I had. I imagine a Chocolite bar would do nicely as well)
  • You could make Peanut Butter chips by dropping tiny dollops of high protein/lower calorie peanut butter onto wax paper and freezing them.
  • I imagine eventually I’ll work my beloved Fiber One into an iteration of this drink

Now I know what you’re thinking. “But, Nik, why can’t we use other sugar-free stuff, like sugar-free chocolate chips?” Well…like I said. I’m not the boss of you. But I know for me, that stuff gives me a lot of calories and carbs without giving me any significant nutritional benefit. But again…the choice is yours. I’m just one of those freakazoids that is supremely concerned with the composition of my protein drinks.

But if you come up with something really yummy…hit us up. I’m what you might call the “adventurous type.”

Nik's Protein "Blizzard"
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Nik's Protein "Blizzard"
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  1. OMG! Nik, that looks so guuuud… i'm drooling over here. I am going to find some of those wafers and try this recipe post hast!!! Any suggestions on the chocolate protein powder? I already have Click! protein. I have been wanting a chocolate malt. Do you think torani has malt flavored syrups?

  2. Fredericka Hagerty

    Here is my favorite protein shake recipe. I’m na min g the brand’s i use just because. . .
    8 oz skim milk
    Scoop chocolate Injury protein powder
    3/4 t Hersheys cocoa.
    One of two clubs o Toranis sugar free chocolate syrup
    Ice cubes options
    Stir, mix, or otherwise combine


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