Kahlua and Scream!

I have been having such fun playing with the protein products I plan to demonstrate at the Protein Shake Pouch Party for Dr. Von Reuden’s support group later this month. If you are a patient of DVR and want to attend, call in to the office and reserve your space today! (/end shameless self promotion)

So this morning I wanted to try something a little different with my Vanilla Click. Yes, I know I sound like a broken record but I really like this stuff. It is so versatile. With the mocha you are sort of attached to the chocolate flavor. Vanilla? You can bury that flavor in a million other things if you try hard enough.

If any of you have checked out my protein shake list, you may have noticed my “mudslide” protein shake. I modeled it after the drink at Applebee’s which is a concoction of chocolate, Kahlua and cream. Now I’m not much of a drinker, but to my understanding there is a drink that is simply Kahlua and cream. I think this protein shake speaks to those who loved that particular drink and hence it’s name.

Nik’s Kahlua and Cream protein shake

8 oz. milk (I use Hood Calorie Countdown)

1 scoop cookies ‘n crème protein powder (I used Max Protein this time but usually I’d do Body Fortress)

1 scoop Vanilla Click

3-5 pumps Davinci Sugar-free Kahlua syrup

2-3 packets of Splenda (to taste…you all know about me and sweetness)

Ice (however much you use)

If you like the thickness, use the Triple X method—mix protein, syrup and milk for 2 full minutes in your blender. Yes, two minutes. The whole two minutes. Then add ice and blend again another minute or two until everything is nice and crushed. I like to top with a little poof of whippage. Use your own discretion on that one. For newbies, you might want to halve this recipe (and for that matter you might want to hold off on the Triple X method) as this makes a pretty large shake that is over 40g of protein and it just may be too much for you.

But boy is it yummy…OMG…now having never tasted actual Kahlua and Cream (I was a hopeless square as a pre-op) I can’t attest to its proximity to the original but I know one thing for sure: this is SO becoming protein ice cream this weekend!


  1. I will make this and let you know if it's close enough..

  2. Thanks for the Triple X method. I have been trying to get a thick 'frosty' shake and finally achieved it.

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