Decaf Mochaccino Protein Shake

by Nikki

Ok, we’ll admit it. Both your favorite Pouch Party divas love Click! We both drink it nearly every day and both of us have it on automatic delivery from Amazon.

However, for those who are early-out or, for personal reasons, can’t or shouldn’t drink caffeinated beverages…Bariatric Foodie feels your pain.

And we have a solution.

We did blind taste tests on this shake and darn if it doesn’t taste just like Click! Now there may be some purists that scoff. After all Click is a magical elixir of the Gods right?

(chirp…chirp…) Moving on…

Whether or not you think it tastes the same as that other product, we know this shake will appeal to the Starbucks crowd, ESPECIALLY those who mourned the loss of their daily Frappucino fix (or was that just me?) because they dump on sugar and excess amounts of sugar alcohols.

Decaf Moccachino Protein Shake

8 oz. milk
1 scoop chocolate protein powder
2 tsp. decaffeinated instant espresso powder
3-5 packets of no-calorie sweetener (team blue, pink, or yellow…whatever you like)
Optional: Ice


For those who like thicker shakes: Use the Triple X method.

For those who don’t, combine all ingredients except ice in a blender and whiz for about 15-30 seconds. Let it rest a few seconds and pour over ice. I like mine big, blended and topped with a huge glob of whipped cream personally.

But I’m sure that’s just my preference right? 😉


  1. The Sugar Free – decaf French Vanilla International delights works well too.
    – Iris

  2. hmmmm… I am a die-hard Click fan/lover/worshipper. I am excited to try this out! Thanks!

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