Friday Mocktail: Nik’s Protein Mudslide

THIS is my version…more sensible…WAY less calories…and comes with a nifty, although overused, lime green dish towel!

Let’s travel back…back in time…before surgery…to our former selves…yes it’s scary…but let’s go there for just a moment.

Raise your hand if you ate at Applebee’s before surgery. (raises hand)

Now keep your hand up if you happened to notice a drink on the menu called a “mudslide” (hand remains raised)

Now keep your hand up if you ever TRIED the mudslide. (hand is still up there)

Finally…keep your hand up if you absolutely LOVED that blasted thing!!! (hand is quivering from longing…but still up)

Yeah…me too. For those not “in the know,” a Mudslide is a concoction made of vanilla ice cream, a hint of chocolate and Kahlua, whipped cream and chocolate syrup that comes in a ginormous glass and you drink it while you are eating hellaciously caloric, carby food. And all the drink would have cost you is 755 calories…and who knows how much sugar (the item is curiously absent on Applebee’s Nutrition Fact Sheet).

Ah…the good ol’ days.

But now I dump (thank GOD). And even if I didn’t dump…no. Just no. So tonight’s Friday mocktail is for those of you who, like me, used to enjoy this mega-caloric drink on occasion. (You can put your hand down now, by the way).

Nik’s Protein Mudslide


8 oz. milk
1 scoop either chocolate or cookies ‘n cream protein (I use the latter because it’s one of the few ways I found to use my C&C powder that I actually like)
1 tbsp baking cocoa
3-5 pumps Davinci sugar-free Kahlua syrup
3-5 packets no-calorie sweetener (depending on your tastes but you need some to offset the bitterness of the cocoa)
Fat-free whipped cream (aka: whippage)


Whiz all this up in the blender using the Triple X method (or not). Serve in a nice glass with a poof of whippage.

Yeah…I have to admit…this drink has saved me from many a bout of Dorito cravings. Those damn Cool Ranch ones…yeah…that’d be nice about now too….

Yikes! Maybe I oughta go make a Mudslide right now…just to be on the safe side…

Friday Mocktail: Nik's Protein Mudslide
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Friday Mocktail: Nik's Protein Mudslide
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  1. This sounds delicious!! I am gonna make one tonight!!

  2. Just made this…awesomeness!

  3. Oh thank you Nik! Mudslides were my absolute favorite drink to have and I really miss them. Now I can have them again (modified). Love your recipes!

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