Decaf Caramel Protein Iced Latte

~ by Jen

Thanks to everyone who “Double Clicked” (or in some cases, quadruple Clicked!) for Pouch Party!  

We have 2 Clicktastic prizes to give away:

  • Prize #1 is a canister of Mocha Espresso Click with 1 bottle of Sugar Free Syrup and a copy of the Pouch Party Protein Shake Recipe Book.
  • Prize#2 is 2 sample packs of Click (1 of each flavor), a Click Shaker Bottle, 1 bottle of Sugar Free Syrup, and a copy of the Pouch Party Protein Shake Recipe Book.  

All the entries were put into the random generator, and the winners are:

Prize #1:  Wendy Robertson Elliott
Prize #2:  Janice Eccles Ramos

Congratulations, ladies!  Please email us ( with your mailing address, your favorite flavor of sugar free syrup (we’ll send whatever flavor you like), and your screen name on OH, so we can get your prizes sent out and post the winners on OH by screen name. 
S’anyway, this morning I could not make my usual Click Frapp because the UPS man totally dissed me yesterday and did not deliver my Click.  BOO! That led me to have to make something else, which always benefits y’all in the end, anyway!  

My favorited iced drink at Dunkin Donuts is their Sugar free Iced Caramel Latte.  You know I had to try that at home!!!  Now, in celebration of the goodness that is Coffee protein, I give you a new protein shake to try:  

Jen’s Decaf Caramel Protein Iced Latte:

12 oz 2% milk (if you don’t do milk, use water, soymilk, whatever you use)
2 tsp decaf instant espresso powder (or those cool new Starbucks Via  packets  are great if you’re travelling, use about half a pack of that or to your taste.  It depends how much you want to taste the coffee goodness.)

Davinci Sugar Free Caramel syrup to taste (I used 2 pumps)

Splenda to taste (I used 2 packets)
splash of Sugar Free CoffeeMate Hazelnut creamer (because I am addicted)
Pour milk into your blender cup, add coffee powder, protein powder,  and SF syrup, whiz it up til well combined.  Taste it and add some Splenda if you need more sweetness (I tend to like things sweet, I am a Splenda crackhead, as Nik says).  You can add the Hazelnut creamer or leave it out if you aren’t a fan, even top it with some whippage to be all fancy.  Caramel bliss!!

Decaf Caramel Protein Iced Latte
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Decaf Caramel Protein Iced Latte
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  1. OMG Thank You So Much.. I NEVER win anything so Thank You.. I'll send you my info later..

    I <3 POUCH PARTY.. Its Soo Yummy!!!!

    Hugs Janice

  2. Thanks for the Decaf Carmel Protein Iced Latte Recipe…I have all of the ingredients in the house – and it gives me an afternoon snack to anticipate this afternoon!

  3. @Janice, congrats!

  4. @ Anonymous, glad you have everything on hand and I hope you like it as much as I did! — Jen

  5. I saw that amazon had a sale on Click today only. Guess I need to head on over and get some!

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