The Bariatric Foodie Guide to Making a Click Frapp

CLICK Espresso Protein is the sponsor of week one of the 2016 Bariatric Foodie Pledge. Have you signed up yet?
In the meantime, I thought I’d tell you guys my favorite way to use Click. Come aboard my train of thought!

Starbucks. Frappucinos. I used to love ‘em.

Now? Not so much. Yes, you can ask for them to be made with sugar-free syrup but the base they use (which comes pre-packaged) has sugar in it and that’s…iffy.

Besides, why take all those calories without ANY protein. That’s why, some years ago (in the time before time when Nik was a newbie) I came up with what I like to call a Click Frapp.

Now I don’t know if I can take credit for the term “Click Frapp.” I can say I hadn’t experienced the term before I started using it and I just Googled it and now it’s not that uncommon, but that’s neither here nor there.

Rather than simply give you a list of the Click Frapp recipes I have on the blog (which I’m still going to do, I thought I’d give you an all-inclusive guide to making a Click Frapp.

How to Make a Click Frapp

Liquid Base

Use 8 oz. of any of the following:
  • Cow’s milk
  • Soy milk
  • Almond milk
  • Some other type of milk
  • Water

Flavor Base

Use ½ serving (1 scoop) of either:

Protein Boost

Use one serving (which should be 100-130 calories and at
least 20g protein, very few carbs):
  • Chocolate protein powder
  • Vanilla Protein powder
  • Strawberry Protein powder

Flavor Add-Ons

Use 2 tbsp. of sugar-free syrup. You can use whatever you have on hand but here are some of my favorites:
  • Peppermint Paddy
  • English Toffee
  • Brown Sugar Cinnamon
  • Hazelnut
  • Raspberry
  • Orange (yes, it even tastes good with a chocolate base!)
AND/OR any of the following (amounts and added calories
  • Unsweetened Cocoa powder (1 tbsp = 25 calories)
  • Powdered Peanuts like PB2 or Chike PB (1 tbsp = 27.5 calories, 2.5g protein)
  • Sugar-free pudding powder (generally 1 tbsp. = 35 calories),
    here’s some flavors I think work well

    • Cheesecake
    • Banana Cream
    • Caramel
    • Butterscotch
Combine one item from each category in a blender. Blend for 1-2 minutes (yes, that’s a long time but trust me on this one). Add 3-5 cubes of ice and blend until they are crushed. If desired, you may add more sweetener before the first blend.

Now that you have the basics, here are some more specific Click Frapp recipes:


  1. I tried Cytosport RTD Whey Isolate protein drinks from Vitamin Shoppe today for the Shake it Up challenge. They come in Tangerine, Watermelon and Tropical flavors. They look and have the consistency of something like Gatorade. With 15 gm of protein and 60 calories per 8 oz I thought they were worth a try since I am not crazy about milk and milk-like products. The Tropical (which I expected to be citrus) was overwhelmingly coconut flavored and much, much too sweet. The tangerine was a little better, but needs some add-ins to make it palatable. Both had a very nasty, chemical like aftertaste that for whatever reason reminded me of gasoline. YUCK!

  2. Great post, thank you for sharing!

  3. This week I have had a click mocha shake made with milk each morning. Best way to start my day! 🙂

  4. started with the click mocha shake …it was very good…I used to get a frappe from micky d,s before surgery….now I have started my day with this yummy treat…

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