The Click Frapp

So now that you know the basics, we can explore the many and varied world of great protein shakes. What better way to start off than with a shake that most of us should not have? The Click Frapp. Ok, I’m not going to say you shouldn’t have it…but Click has caffeine which is probably a big no-no for most new post-ops but here is the problem.

The stuff is addictive. Not in a “my hands shake if I don’t get it” kind of way. More in a “I never want to consume anything else because this tastes so DAMN GOOD” kind of way. That’s a problem. But we over at Bariatric Foodie are working on a solution so keep your hats on. We’ll keep you posted.

At any rate Click does have a good deal of nutritional value. And the canister just looks damn sexy…you feel like you are a cool kid drinking some exclusive drink that the less cool kids can’t have. (or is that just my high school issues?)

Some things you should know about the Click Frapp:

1. It does NOT taste exactly like a Starbucks Frappucino
2. It does taste delicious
3. It is caloric yes…this would be either a dessert shake or a meal replacement shake. Either way the stats aren’t horrible…just a bit on the high side for a beverage or even a snack. I tend to do this for breakfast

Classic Click Frapp
8 oz. skim milk (I tend to use Hood Calorie Countdown Chocolate)
1 scoop Click (regular or decaf)
1 scoop of chocolate whey (pick a whey that has at least 25g of protein/100 cals per scoop)
2 tbsp Torani sugar-free chocolate syrup
6-8 ice cubes
2 tbsp either sugar-free or fat-free whipped cream (I use the fat free)

Directions: Combine everything but the ice and whippage and whiz in the blender. Add ice and whiz again. Pour into a pretty glass (or mason jar, or pickle jar…) and ENJOY!

Note that mixing different proteins together is a good way to stack up your numbers. It is not uncommon for me to make a morning protein shake that has every gram of protein I need for a whole day in it. Especially if there are a lot of unknown variables in my day (staff lunch, going out to dinner, etc.).

Here the stats that I get from the Click Frapp. Run your own to accommodate your personal ingredients. 280 calories, 6g fat, 23g carbs, 45g protein

Again…newbies…sorry but you’re not going to be able to finish this. My suggestion? Aside from sharing the love…you could cut down to 1 scoop Click + 1/2 scoop whey + 4 oz. milk + a couple of ice cubes.

OR you could do like Starbucks does and save the mix. Get your handy-dandy shaker bottle. Once you’ve whizzed it the first time, pour half of it into your shaker bottle and refrigerate immediately. Use the other half to make your current Frapp.

When you are ready for another Frapp (preferrably not on the same day…we are trying to change our lifestyles!!!), give your shaker bottle a shake, dump it in the blender, add more ice and you have a second Frapp.

See? Simple.

Wait…the picture! I have to take a picture of this one. In the pickle jar 🙂 For now…trust that it is good…

The Click Frapp
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The Click Frapp
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  1. Why do you use the whey in the shakes instead of 2 scoops of click as directed on the can?

  2. Hi Anonymous,

    Great question!

    I suspect you already know that you never HAVE to follow the directions on the protein powder container. And since the motto of this blog is "Play With Your Food" my motivation was very much inspired by that.

    I wanted more protein but I love the flavor of Click. So I use 8 oz. milk (8g protein) + 1 scoop chocolate whey (26g protein) + 1 scoop Click (7.5g protein) to make a meal shake that has 41.5g protein (roughly 295 calories) as opposed to what for me, as a five-year post-op, would be a snack shake at 200 cals, 20g of protein (Click with milk alone) or 120 cals, 15g protein (Click with water).

    I do very often drink Click alone with milk or water but as I said that is more of an in-between meals snack.

    Hope that helps!


  3. I do the same thing…one scoop of click and one of my regular protein powder….but for me it is because 2 scoops of click makes me very sick….the taste if wonderful!! but…every time I try it I still get sick and I am 4 yrs out.

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