BF Review: Propel Zero “Enhanced” Water

I’m not typically big on flavored waters. There a few I like but most I taste have the same problem. They are just a drop or two away from being a really great beverage but something is off. Either they are bitter and not quite sweet enough or they are saccharine sweet. So I usually stick to flavoring my own water.

At support group this month we had a very nice man come who was giving samples of Nascobal Nasal b12 (review of that forthcoming) and he brought with him some samples of the new Propel Zero beverage.

Now color me surprised, but it never occurred to me that there wasn’t already a zero calorie Propel beverage but apparently there is not and this is new and it’s all very exciting.

So let’s start with the stats, shall we? On the packaging it says that it is more than just hydration (isn’t it all, honey?). It’s enhanced. (Does anyone besides me have an inner 12 year old that finds that word hilarious nowadays?) It’s got vitamins C&E to which promise to replenish…something (I feel like I should know this but I don’t). It’s got B vitmains, which we should all know by now provide energy, among other things. And it’s got antioxidants to chase around those G-D hippy free radicals. It is, of course, no calories, no sugar, no carbs and obviously no protein.

This was a good day for me to get this sample. I’d come to group without a drink in hand, which is highly unusual for me. But there I sat, no drink and watching all the obedient new post-ops sip diligently at their waters. Frankly, I was a bit jealous. So I decided to crack the puppy open and give it a try.

Here might be a good place to mention that I can eat or drink damn near anything. I’m like Mikey that way. I think that’s part of the secret to figuriging out so many recipes and being able to get my protein all from food rather early on. In my world, I don’t need to like it, I need to need it in order to consume it. Liking it is sort of icing on the cake. All that is to say I didn’t have very high expectations when I opened the bottle but knew I’d probably drink it all just the same because I was thirsty.


This stuff actually wasn’t half bad. It wasn’t quite as sweet as Crystal Light/Drink Sticks/heavy-handed MiO squeeze (a point in its favor) but it wasn’t bland either. I got the graple flavor. I like grape flavor. Another point it its favor.

I also didn’t notice an overwhelming aftertaste. This doesn’t mean there isn’t one, just that there wasn’t one strong enough to overcome my aftertaste threshhold to notice it. Remember, I am three years post-op. I’m sort of used to after tastes at this poing. Newbies, do a sip test and see what you think.

So the inevitable question. Would I buy it again? Ummmmm…no. Not because it’s bad but because I am a creature of habit. I don’t like buying things in individual plastic bottles (I already have to remnd myself to take out the recycling every week I don’t need more to go in there) and I like my sugar-free drink mixes/MiO well enough that I don’t really need to change that routine now. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, y’know?

Should YOU buy it? I dunno. It’s up to you. But I am telling you it’s not a bad product at all. The vitamin content is sort of a moot point in a malabsorptive digestive system, so if you are a RNY or DS post-op take all that with a grain of salt (although my humble opinion is it can’t hurt). Bottom line: among flavored waters, this is the tastiest I’ve tested, which is why….

Verdict: Diva says it’s darn good!


  1. I tried this drink this year a few months ago i think it is very good .

  2. they have in the mix packets…..i just bought the grape and kiwi strawberry

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