BF Review: Open Nature Greek Yogurt

I know what you’re thinking. “You bug me to come and check Bariatric Foodie today to read a review about Greek yogurt??? I know about Greek yogurt already!”

And this would be a valid concern.

BUT. If you read my statement about the 7 characteristics of a bariatric foodie, you know you have to be constantly investigating your food. I do this through several mechanisms, one of which I tend to call “grocery store recon.” It’s basically the practice of going to the grocery store with no intention of buying anything…just to investigate.

I was on grocery recon the other day when I saw a new offering in the dairy aisle: Open Nature Greek Yogurt. And at first I thought the same thing you did, “so what?” But then I started to look at the packaging. Now, your mileage may vary, but as a further-out post-op, what’s in my food has taken on new meaning.

Sure I want to know the calories, protein, total carbs, sugar, etc. But beyond that…what’s in my food? Where did it come from? How was it made? Who made it and how does my choice to buy their product impact them? These questions have led me to many exciting new endeavors, like the wonderful world of Fair Trade products, for instance and, of course, the farmer’s market. Lately, I’ve been paying more attention to the foods I get in the grocery store as well. Which is why this caught my eye.

The packaging states that it is 100% natural (which is sort of a misnomer if you ask me, everything, including chemicals…has some basis in nature…so really everything is all natural) and made from the milk of cows NOT treated with growth hormones. That last bit is important to me. My pediatrician blames growth hormones in meat for everything from childhood obesity to the conflict in the Middle East, so I’m especially attuned to looking out for hormone-free products.

For anyone interested, here are the stats on this 6 oz. container:

But let’s get real…all that nature stuff was nice. What led me to buy it? It was on sale for $1!

So I got it home and was eager to taste it. Would it taste any different than regular Greek yogurt? If so, how? I don’t have the most discerning pallet but I resolved to try my best to notice any difference.

I bought three. One I tasted plain (I am the kind of weirdo who doesn’t mind a spoonful of plain Greek yogurt. A whole bowl? No.). And it actually does have a slightly more pungent taste to it. It’s almost like Skyr in that it reads slightly cheesy. Which wasn’t bad. Just different.

Otherwise, it’s the same Greek yogurt I know and love. I mostly use my Greek yogurt in place of milk and sour cream in recipes and as toppers, but there are a few other things I like to do with it. And I did. And now my Open Nature Greek yogurt is gone. Sniff, sniff. And grocery day isn’t until Friday! If it’s still on sale (or not too outrageously expensive as a regular priced item), I’d certainly buy it again. Lord knows I don’t need any more hormones running through my body!

Verdict: Diva says Divine!


  1. Anonymous

    Nice and smooove!… Like most starch-free Greek yogurts are.
    CAUTION: Do not lick inside the top edge of the container; the lid is plastic welded to the container, so when it is removed, a sharp edge presents… (It cut my tongue.)

    v/r, jeroboambramblejam

  2. Anonymous

    I just tried this for the first time too. It is my new FAVORITE! And I got it for $5 for a 6-pack! Woohoo! And I was so glad I bought two packs.
    Seriously, this is the smoothest greek yogurt I've tasted. My other favorite is Chobani but for the price, I'll choose Open Nature from now on! 🙂