BF Review: Muscle Milk Chocolate

~by Nikki

So, as many of you know, because I have a HUGE mouth, I have been going through some things lately.

The only thing that amazes me more than how much “stuff” life can throw at you is how generous people can be in response. Folks learned I needed protein powder and I got boxes and boxes of the stuff. (I am stocked back up now, by the way – thanks so much!)

When folks extend generosity to me, I feel like it’s the least I can do to pay it forward in whatever way I can.

Having said all that, I got a few protein powders I’ve always wanted to try but couldn’t really afford. So…my blessing shall also be yours because I plan to review them all!

Now you guys know me. If I commit to doing something in a certain period of time, Murphy’s Law kicks in and the sky falls, my dog gets whooping cough or SOMETHING that prevents me from honoring the timeline. So at this point I’ll say look for them frequently but no promises as to how frequently.

First up…Muscle Milk Chocolate! This came by way of an old friend of mine (in respect for those generous souls I’ll refrain from using names) in a big Ziplock bag. Being the consummate tracker that she is, there was a label included that told me that a serving is a scoop containing 150 calories, 6g fat, 8g carbs, 16g protein.

I’d tasted MM ready to drink before, so I was curious about the powder. Would it be different? Better? Worse? So since I needed an afternoon snack, I loaded Hamilton Jr. up with:

8 oz. skim milk

1 scoop MM Chocolate

..and gave it a whirl. Usually when using new powder I taste it before adding ice and make tweaks. Verdict: good but if it was to survive the “ice down” it would need a bit of a chocolate boost. That came by way of some no calorie chocolate syrup (I use U-Bet) that my friend Pam (my exception to the no-name rule) sent me.

Threw in some ice, blended it up and…


Can we say WENDY’S FROSTY???? OMG. The Triple X method TOTALLY transforms this thing into some naughty little treat that you aren’t supposed to have. It’s like having George Clooney as the “milk man” in the afternoon (if you know what I mean and I KNOW you do…).

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