BF Review: Click Decaf

So now that three of you are all hooked up to get a canister of Click decaf let’s get to my opinion of the stuff, shall we?

You all voted and the results were clear: you all wanted me to review to use my sample to make a Click Frapp! If you don’t know what a Click Frapp is, start here. Then look at the bottom of the post and there will be thumbnails of other Click Frapps. I endeavor to have as many (or more) flavors than Starbucks has of Frappucinos.

Anyhoo, I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s start at the beginning.

About two-ish weeks ago I got an email from Beth at Click. I always get so excited to hear from her because that means something good is coming our way. Beth let me know that Click decaf will soon be shipping and that she wanted me to give it a try and let you all know what I think. She also invited me to give away three free canisters, which is what we did last week!

So a few days later I received the following:

You can’t see it, but buried under there is this:

My sample!!! Ok, so maybe it isn’t the prettiest packaging ever but I am just going to assume that the packaging for this stuff is so awesomely awesome that it is worth waiting for. Besides…they stocked me up on both regular Click Mocha and Click Vanilla Latte. Note for posterity: I like presents. A lot.

So a few things held up this review, one of them being that I like my Click Frapp with both Click and some chocolate whey and I was out of chocolate whey. And I was also very broke. So I had to wait until I got paid to get some more. But now that I have it…let’s do this!

For the full experience of this review, see this wonderful video (wherein I manage to outtalk YouTube). Yes, it’s long but it’s also comic GOLD. Trust me. Best waste of 15 minutes you’ll ever make! I’ve also recapped my experience in text below. Not nearly as exciting but…whatever.

So the packaging notwithstanding, everything about this sample struck me as regular Click. It looked like regular Click. It smelled like regular Click. But would it blend like regular Click?

What I love about Click in cold shakes is that there is something (and for the life of me from the ingredients list I cannot figure out what) that gives shakes this smooth, creamy consistency that I can achieve no other way. When paired with my Triple X Method for making extra-thick protein shakes, it’s like having a damn Wendy’s Frosty. Except it’s low-sugar. And protein-rich. And you won’t regret it five minutes after. Just sayin’.

So after loading up my handy dandy Magic Bullet Hi-Speed Blender, I gave it a whiz and…it thickened! Yay! I used the standard Click Frapp recipe (minus the cocoa powder…watch the video to find out why) and once it was all said and done had a wonderfully creamy shake, which I doled into two cups to share with La Petite Diva (I did this review at 10:40 p.m. and, forgive me, but didn’t have all that big an appetite so I needed help!).

What I was looking for was mainly to see how much like regular Click the decaf version is. I like regular Click. It works for me. I didn’t want the flavor to change just because it is decaf.

Now La Petite Diva was judging overall taste. She, like any kid, simply cares that it tastes good.

The verdict? A WIN on both counts! It miraculously tastes like the regular Click that I love! It has a nice espresso flavor, rich chocolate, not overbearing, not artificial tasting and not that watered down “decaffy” taste!

So…now I am in a conundrum. Cuz unlike many of you I haz ZERO problems with caffeine. It does not make me lose sleep, get headaches, etc. If I drink too much I do get jittery but I don’t often drink too much caffeine so even that is minimal. So do I buy regular Click now…or Click decaf? Discuss amongst yourselves.

After a bit more research, it does appear that the stats on Click Decaf are the same as regular Click AND I scored a pic of the product (thank you Melting Mama!)

Anyhoo…here’s what I was going to say when YouTube decided my time was up.

Now…if you missed the Click decaf giveaway or did not win…here’s one more opportunity to win a canister!

I’m going to give away a canister of my own on Twitter (you know how I’m always asking you guys to order Amazon and Quest bars from this site? This is the kind of stuff I use those proceeds for!!!). Entering to win it is ridiculously simple:

  1. Follow @BariatricFoodie on Twitter
  2. Once my Twitter follows hit 200 (that’s only 75 follows, people, we can do this!) I’ll draw a Twitter follower from a random name generator to win a free canister of Click decaf. The faster we hit, 200, the faster one of you will win some Click, so be sure to tweet to your WLS (and health minded) friends to follow too!
  3. BUT…if you want to earn extra chances at the prize, tweet a message mentioning @BariatricFoodie suggesting to your followers that they follow BF too! There will be NO limit in how many extra chances you can get this way. So you can send one tweet for one extra chance or 100 for 100 extra chances. Go crazy with it!

But you have from now until next Tuesday, June 5 to tweet your twittery hearts out. I’ll draw on the Wednesday, June 6.

Now BF Facebook fans, do not scoff. I’ve been giving away things for every 200 Facebook likes for eons now. In fact we’re getting close to the next one as we inch up to 1,600 likes. AND I’ve been letting you guys decide on what you win! So…I need love on my Twitter friends a little bit right now. Don’t get mad. I love you all equally, k?


  1. Denise Adorian

    Hi and good morning.I'm having My rny July 5th.Can you please tell Me if I can get Click in regular stores.I don't shop the internet.Thanks so much.Denise

  2. I'm not sure about how soon the decaf will be available in stores but regular Click is carried at most Vitamin Shoppes. But check with your surgeon's office to see when you can have caffeine!

  3. Loved the video it looks yummy I can't wait to try some click! I just had to say love the Lil Diva she was cracking me up licking her lips, wiping her mouth and proceeding to lick her fingers. Who needs KFC when you have Click it is finger lickin good! Thanks for sharing all your wonderful recipes….I am learning to play with my food and love it in a whole new way!

  4. Denise –
    As Nik said, you can find Click at many Vitamin Shoppes, but it is *way* cheaper (I suppose that it could also be "whey" cheaper, too, in this case!) through, and cheaper yet if you do "subscribe & save" and get it auto-shipped. I have mine auto-shipped every 8 weeks to keep me Click'd up.

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