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We’ve all tried to find ways to make carbs we like that work with our new, healthier way of eating. There are some carbs I just cannot handle, even at over 2 years out. Pasta hates me, so I don’t even bother. I can handle small amounts of rice, but to me it’s really not worth it. “I haven’t got time for the pain” as the song says.

That’s one reason Nik and I feel so strongly about making conscious choices to get in good quality carbs. Mindful choices is the first step in continued success once the proverbial “honeymoon” is over. We aren’t preaching to you, by any means, we just want to help you acclimate to your new nutritional needs and find a way to make staying on plan actually enjoyable!

When we find a product that meets our nutritional needs, and has the added bonus of being a great “carb conversion” we always want to share it with you. Just so you know, Bariatric Foodie is not paid to do product reviews by product manufacturers or anyone else.

I feel it’s important to explain that here so that you guys know our reviews are based solely on our personal feelings about a product and its usefulness. We usually try several things with a product, especially “ingredient” type items, before making our final verdict.

Here’s how it usually works. In most cases, we find something neat and order it to try for ourselves, then review it for y’all. The only time we are ever asked to review something is when one of our readers sends Nik or I some free things they didn’t use and thought we could. In that case, we do review the products and write recipes for all of y’all to enjoy.

We have affiliate program memberships with both Amazon and Netrition, as we’ve mentioned in the past, so when you click on products we’ve linked to in our recipes, we do make a small percentage from those purchases. That money goes right back into buying food and products to test recipes and write reviews for the blog. So if you were wondering if those links help support Bariatric Foodie and keep it running, they do! Your support is very much appreciated!

{End of Public Service Announcement/Obligatory Disclaimer. Now back to our regularly scheduled product review!}

After we posted about it in a few recipes (Jen’s Corn Pudding and Nik’s Sweet Potato Pancakes, to name a few), our good friend and faithful BF reader Dee (Deedles on OH) decided to try it. She ordered some Atkins mix and made pancakes over the weekend for her husband we all know and love as “Beast.” She said she liked the Atkins mix consistency and taste better than the CarbQuik she has been using.

I agree with Dee, that was my opinion on it as well. The Atkins mix works well in any recipe that calls for “Bisquick” baking mix, or anywhere you would normally use CarbQuik. I also have used it in place of flour in gravies and sauces, it worked perfectly for my Chipped Cream Beef (“SOS”).

It has the same texture in biscuits and quick breads as regular Bisquick, but no aftertaste like CarbQuik has.  As an added bonus, it’s considerably less expensive than CarbQuik. For those of us on a budget, that is a DEFINITE plus. Don’t misunderstand, I will still use CarbQuik on occasion, but Atkins Baking Mix has become my official “go to.”

Dee was thoughtful enough to take pictures of her pancakes from start to finish, so I am sharing her pics and comments with you here. She used the recipe that’s printed on the package, with one substitution, as she noted. Thanks, Dee!

Here’s what Dee had to say:

“I love this stuff!!! Jen, you were right, there isn’t any of that CQ after taste…whatever it is. I used the pancake recipe right on the package, the only change I made was I used 1% milk instead of half and half. The turned out really fluffy, cooked more evenly and quicker. Like CQ, I never did get all the lumps out but you couldn’t tell in the final results. Next time I might add some protein powder but maybe not…these were great!

Using Great-Grandmother’s mixing bowl and spoon.
Recipe made 7 4-5in pancakes instead of the 10. Really thick!
Cooked beautifully!
Served with paper thin Prosciutto and 1 egg over easy…Yum!

I need to get some pretty plates if I keep this up! Thanks for the encouragement to try this stuff!  Dee”

Dee, you are hereby dubbed the “Official BF Food Porn Star” because you take some amazing food pics! Now if Nik and I can just drag you to the East Coast, we’re good to go! 

Verdict: Divas (and Dee) Say Divine!


  1. I want to go to Dee's house for breakfast….YUMMO!

  2. So do I! Trying to convince her she needs to bring the Beast to the East! LOL–Jen

  3. I bought some of the atkins mix and made cookies with them. Just replaced the flour. Turned out great.

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