What the HECK is a “Holiday Food Tasting???”

Hello my wonderful Foodies!
I just wanted to take a moment to talk a bit more about the 2011 Holiday Food Tasting. I’ve gotten some good questions about the event and want to answer them here.
Why are you only doing this event in Baltimore and Pittsburgh?
Do you want the long or the short version of that story? Basically I am not a large operation and so, as much as I want to take Bariatric Foodie any and everywhere, I have to tend my resources wisely (which, for me, means staying close to home aka Baltimore). I do hope to travel to more places next year and look forward to updating you on that when I have more information.
Ok, so what’s the event again?
You can get specific dates/times/admission prices for events here. Long story short: it’s a gathering where you get to taste weight loss surgery friendly holiday dishes, including some of your favorite side dishes, food you can pass (successfully) at holiday parties, desserts and holiday themed protein drinks.
I realize that sometimes trying a new recipe (and especially during the holidays) can be tricky. This event will allow you to see how the food is made (I will demonstrate!), taste it and go home with all the recipes. There will also be a lot of other holiday fun, prizes and swag. One attendee last year said, “it was like Thanksgiving dinner, just for us post-ops!”
What is this at-home thingie you keep talking about?
I apologize for the tardiness in getting the information out about that. I’m trying to tweak the packaging so the darn thing doesn’t cost so much to ship! The Bariatric Foodie Holiday Survival Kit gives you all the take-home stuff from the live event, straight to your door.
Every attendee of the food tasting and everyone who orders a Holiday Survival Kit will receive the following:
  • All the recipes from the 2011 Food Tasting
  • All the recipes from the 2010 Food Tasting
  • A downloadable shopping list for all the ingredients
  • A set of “Bariatric Foodie Survival Guides” to making it through the holidays
  • A complete guide to baking with added protein 
In addition, for the Holiday Survival Kit, I am sending you a sample kit of each of the two holiday themed protein drinks I’ll demonstrate at the live event. The sample kits come with everything you need (except the liquid) to make these yummy protein shakes and you’ll get the recipe so you can keep making them throughout the holiday season! (Live attendees, these same Kits will be available at the live event for a small fee.)
Lord willing, the Survival Kits will be on sale by the end of this week and I’ll post lots more information about them. Please stay tuned!
Can’t I just get the recipes from the blog?
The recipes that will be presented at this year’s event will NOT be shared on the blog. To make sure you get in on these good recipes, you’ll want to either attend the live event (and get the added bonus of TASTING the dishes as well) or order a Survival Kit.
Can I buy my tickets at the door?
Sorry, but you cannot. And to get the best price on these events you should buy your tickets as early as possible! Advance admission for each event is $25. The advance ticket sales for the Baltimore event end October 8. The advance sales for the Pittsburgh event end October 15. You can order your tickets securely online here on the blog (look to your right at the top).
So if you’re in Maryland or Pennsylvania (or any place that is easily accessible to both), I’d love to meet you in person! If not, stay tuned for more information about the Survival Kits!
If you have any other questions about this event, by all means, hit me up!

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  1. So thrilled….I bought my ticket today for the Bariatric Foodie 2011 Holiday Food Tasting Party in Baltimore. See you there =)

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