Wanna submit a recipe to be published in Bariatric Foodie’s Next Book?

One of the many yummy and SIMPLE recipe ideas included in The Bariatric Foodie Breakfast Book.

I can make you a super-STAH!
Well…not really. But I could include YOUR recipe in the next
BF offering, The Bariatric Foodie
Breakfast Book
. The book is in the final stages of drafting (meaning the
recipes are almost all written and being tested out) and I figured it’d be fun
to include some of YOUR recipes!
So here’s how this is going to work.
The book covers four main kinds of breakfast recipes:
  • Egg recipes (scrambles, mini-quiches, etc.)
  • Smart Carbs (traditional breakfast starches made with better
    ingredients and added protein)
  • Yogurt/Cottage Cheese recipes
  • Un-breakfast (Stuff that may or may not include breakfast
    food but either way doesn’t feel breakfasty)
If you have a recipe that fits into one of those categories,
submit it for consideration! You can submit your recipe by sending it via email to bariatricfoodie@yahoo.com (please put the word “recipe” in the subject line somewhere). You are not required to submit a picture of your recipe, however, if you happen to have one, I always love to see them!

A panel of esteemed judges will pick one
recipe for each category to be included as a Foodie Submission recipe.

The deadline for
recipe submission is Sunday, April 6.
I know you have questions! I thought of a few you might ask.
Who are the esteemed
I’m not telling you yet. Mostly because I just asked them and haven’t gotten all my “yes’s” back yet! 
How are these judges
going to judge the recipes?
The recipes will be judged on the following factors:
  • Overall nutrition of the recipe. You don’t have to submit nutrition information for your recipe (I won’t publish it anyway) BUT it should be a recipe appropriate for WLS-folks (high protein, reasonable carbs, yadda, yadda…)
  • Understand-ability of the recipe directions. You don’t have to be Hemingway but I should be able to follow your recipe!
  • Ease of use (The goal here is simple
    recipes that anyone can make)
  • Creativity (Simple recipes do NOT mean boring recipes)
  • Originality (IMPORTANT: Don’t copy a recipe from some other blogger’s
    blog and send it to me! That’s recipe thieving and we don’t like that around
    here. It’s ok if your recipe is similar to other recipes out there but it
    should be one of your own imagining, not a cut/paste of someone else’s recipe)
Remember, you can submit a recipe for consideration to bariatricfoodie@yahoo.com (put “recipe” somewhere in the subject line).
What’s in it for me?
Well, besides, super-STAHdom…people whose recipes are
selected will receive:
  1. A free copy of The
    Bariatric Foodie Breakfast Book
  2. A $25 Amazon gift certificate
Hey, Nik, what’s in that yummy looking pic?

Glad you asked! It’s a knock-off of Denny’s Chicken Chorizo Skillet. The recipe will be in The Bariatric Foodie Breakfast Book but I’m also going to post it here, tomorrow!

Fine print(y) stuff (and I respect you far too much to actually make it small print):

By submitting a recipe you are agreeing to comply with the BariatricFoodie Contest & Promotions rules. The winning recipe will be named for the
winner (i.e. “Mary’s Slammin’ Egg Dish…) and will become the property of
Bariatric Foodie. By submitting your recipe you agree that, if selected,
Bariatric Foodie may publish the recipe as a part of The Bariatric Foodie Breakfast Book with the understanding that
there you will be entitled to no compensation or royalties earned from the publication of your
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