Upcoming Pouch Parties

Just wanted to let you know about a few upcoming parties.

On Saturday, May 22 the lovely Deb (some of you may know her as RoseyNo on OH) will be hostessing a party at her home in Red Lion, PA. For Maryland folk, that’s a straight drive up 83 and not even 90 minutes away! The theme is summer/cookout food and there is sure to be plenty of fun!

Then if any of you are patients of Dr. David Von Reuden at St. Agnes in Baltimore, we will be doing a protein shake tasting for his support group on May 25. We’ll be making all sorts of protein shakes and there will be protein goodies to sample. If you are a patient of “DVR” give the office a call to RSVP today! The cost of the protein shake tasting is $10. A price on the sumemer food party is forthcoming.

And as always if you want to bring a Pouch Party to your home or support group, we’d love to come out and party with you! Hit us up to get the details.

One comment

  1. Angie aka AmusedOne on OH...

    I get to come to the party in Red Lion!! 🙂 I am sooo excited – it seems like the others were always to far away on a night I had something else planned!!

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