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Summer Shrimp Salad with Watermelon Champagne Vinaigrette

  Ok so let me set the scene of this meal for you. It’s Wednesday – Hump Day – mid-summer. It’s warm, but not offensively so. There’s a slight breeze that feels really nice against your skin and it’s evening so there’s just enough shade for you to think to yourself, “It would be nice to have dinner outside tonight.” …

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From the BF Barbecue: Julia’s Jerk Shrimp & Caribbean Quinoa Salad

This past weekend I held a BBQ for Baltimore-area Foodies. It was GREAT! My friend Margaret offered up her “ranch” (aka beautiful home near Frederick, MD) for the event and we all brought a WLS-friendly dish to enjoy. The only thing that bugs me about doing live events is that BF has a readership across the U.S. (and, according to …

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Nik’s Berry Chicken Salad

Forgive me, Foodies! Both for the less than ideal pic AND for totally missing the potential Independence Day connection. 🙂 Chicken is a staple in my household. And for my family – me, the two divas, dog and cat – it is most economical to buy a whole chicken rather than buying packs of chicken pieces. The elder diva loves …

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BF Cook-along: Cold Asian-Style Quinoa Salad

Ok, first my apologies to my Foodies who only access the blog and not my Facebook or Twitter pages. Let me get you up to speed. I decided to do a cook-long and it works like this. Folks give input on an ingredient they’d like to see everyone get challenged to use in a recipe over the course of the …

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BF Review: Lean Cuisine Salad Additions

It even happens to me, dear Foodies. I wake up late, get out the door late, get the kids to school and…”Oh crap! I forgot to pack lunch!” Thankfully there’s a supermarket between the diva’s school and my job (I only work about 3/4 mile from their school!) so I headed there to see what they could offer me. And …

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Protein Caramel Apple Salad

Oh Foodies…how I can’t wait to move and have a more spacious kitchen so that extension cord is no longer in my food shots!!!  So…it’s almost two weeks into the new year. Let’s talk sensible sweets, shall we? I don’t know about you but there comes a time, especially after holidays filled with rich food and lots of treats, …

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