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Margaret’s Chicken Roulade featuring Laughing Cow Light Swiss

This recipe is dedicated to all those people who think that eating tasty, healthy food has to be laborious. Margaret is here to tell you that’s not true! She was our fabulous host for the Laughing Cow cheese party and a great friend of mine! This is the picture of her chicken roulade, but I’m sorry, I’m gonna send you …

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Wait…why is Bariatric Foodie making recipes with Laughing Cow Cheese?

So earlier I jumped right into my Laughing Cow recipes without much explanation of how that recipe (or the ones that follow) came to be. See, I stalk certain products online. I Tweet about them. I engage with their Facebook pages. I don’t really have a purpose in doing this except to form a good relationship and let good products know that …

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Stuffed Portabella Mushroom featuring Laughing Cow Garlic & Herb Cheese

Dear Foodies who hate mushrooms: While I do not apologize for this dish, I understand. You feel about mushrooms the way I feel about… … (trying to think of something I don’t like…) … oh, terragon! I hate terragon. So yes, I can empathize! But rest assured the other Laughing Cow recipes I developed are mushroom free and delicious. Check …

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