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Crispy, Cheesy, Garlicky Cauliflower Tots

So let’s file this under, “technically I could have bought these from the frozen section, but what fun would that be?” Because honestly. What fun would that be? Seriously though. There are a few good reasons to make your own cauliflower tots. If you like a specific flavor to them. (For example, I like a little heat in mine). If you …

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Single Serve Cheesy Mashed Cauliflower

Yesterday I posted the above picture on Facebook of my beautiful little lunch: about 2.5 oz. grilled salmon, along with a spear of brocolli (both leftover from a trip to TGI Friday’s) along with a side of cheesy mashed cauliflower I made that morning. Since I only wanted it that day, I made a single serving. I know some of …

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BF Cook-along: Butter Garlic Herb Tilapia w/ Squash and Cheesy Cauliflower

Obligatory “Fed” Disclaimer: When clicking links in this blog post related to products, you will be redirected to sites where those products are available for purchase. If you purchase products through those links, a portion of the sale price is paid back to Bariatric Foodie.  I really enjoy doing these cook-alongs on Facebook. It holds me accountable to cooking lunch …

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PWYF Moment: Theresa’s Cauliflower Tortillas/Huevos Rancheros

Another PWYF moment!!! Today we celebrate Theresa, for answering the call when I shone the “Foodie light” (it’s like the bat light but it’s shaped like a cupcake) for someone to test out a neat recipe I found online for cauliflowertortillas. Yes, you read that right…cauliflower tortillas! Click the link above for the recipe for the tortillas, but look what …

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Faux-tato salad lives on!

A little Faux-tato salad…a little chicken…who needs those starchy carbs??? You wanna know how I come by about 89% of the Foodie-submitted posts on this blog? I am watching you. Yes, I am. And when one of you says, “Hey, Nik, I tried ______ and I really liked it!” I POUNCE! Because I really, really, really, really, really, really, really, …

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