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Apple-Cinnamon Protein Muffins

  You know what’s hard? Living in a house with non-ops who have no qualms about eating stuff that would kill me. Now granted, I love to bake so occasionally I’ll bake them a cake or make some biscuits for breakfast but it’s rare (a fact that is much complained about in my house…but when I say moderation, I mean …

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Nik’s “Nutty Apple” Protein Baked Oatmeal (or Bars)

There is a phenomenon that us kitchen experimenters know well. It is called the “happy accident.” What you see above is a picture of a happy accident. See…here’s the thing. This recipe started as “apples and peanut butter.” Cuz I love peanut butter (this is well documented) and I have an abundance of apples. But I realized something in the making of …

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Protein Caramel Apple Salad

Oh Foodies…how I can’t wait to move and have a more spacious kitchen so that extension cord is no longer in my food shots!!!  So…it’s almost two weeks into the new year. Let’s talk sensible sweets, shall we? I don’t know about you but there comes a time, especially after holidays filled with rich food and lots of treats, …

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