Seven Habits of a “Bariatric Foodie”

This is a total riff off of the “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” and there is probably a WLS version of this somewhere. But here at Bariatric Foodie, I like to think we approach things just a wee bit differently than the general bariatric community.

Keeping that in mind, I compiled a list of seven habits that I think any bariatric foodie possesses. I invite you to agree, disagree and debate. You can even propose a few of your own! E-mail me if you think of something I’ve missed.

In no particular order. A Bariatric Foodie:

…is inherently suspicious of food packaging

Yeah…this is really good for me. After all…it’s 50% WHOLE GRAIN!!!

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: food companies aren’t looking out for our best interests! That does not mean all food products are evil, just that sometimes a little decoding is in order. Because, as a Bariatric Foodie, you know that just because a product is “no sugar added” does not mean it is safe for your consumption. So you investigate!

…has a scrupulous proficiency in nutrition label reading

To go along with my first point, you don’t take food at face value. You go straight to the information that you need: the nutrition facts label. A Bariatric Foodie knows the in’s and out’s of a nutrition label and knows the pitfalls to look for. They also know to not only check the nutrition facts but also the ingredients list to know exactly what you are eating.

…thinks outside the box when it comes to their favorite foods

So you love tacos but have committed to a new lifestyle. Why not make a lower-fat, higher fiber taco casserole or taco soup? A true Bariatric Foodie does not bind a food with its original form. Everything about their favorite dishes is up for debate. Thus, a deli sandwich can become a dip, a favorite dessert a protein shake!

…isn’t afraid to try (and dislike) new things

You’ll find a lot of product reviews on this site. Some I liked, some I did not. For example, while my former partner fell in love with P-28 protein bread (because, even I’ll admit, the stats on it are amazing!) I did not. But a true Bariatric Foodie looks to new foods with a sense of adventure. But when you don’t like something you aren’t afraid to squarely cross it off your list.

…knows which dishes should just be left alone

Yeah…deep fried Snicker bar…I’m not touching that one! For the record, I don’t think you should either!

While I always say “there is no food that can’t be made WLS friendly” there are just some foods that…shouldn’t — that don’t hold any promise of benefit to us in our post-op life at all and any changes we make to them would vastly diminish our collective memories of said food. In these cases, I don’t recommend people cut these foods out of their lives. No way! A true Bariatric Foodie knows that there is even a place for treats in our post-op lives. But they are just that: treats. And they should be eaten in extreme moderation in their original forms.

…knows how to survive even the most challenging food situations

From holiday parties to a family trip to the buffet, a true Bariatric Foodie is armed with the information they need to make it through life’s toughest situations without derailing their whole process. And even when they do have a melt-down…and it happens to the best of us…they know how to brush off, get up and try again!

And finally…

…plays with their food!

Not only with recipes from this site, but of their own imagining. Not only that, a true Bariatric Foodie shares what they learn with others so that everyone can have more enjoyable food experiences.

Knowing all this…are you a Bariatric Foodie? If you’re not, by clicking on any of the links in this post, you’ve gotten well on your way to becoming one.

And guess what? You’re not alone! There are THOUSANDS of us Bariatric Foodies online. Check us out on social media and join the conversation!


  1. Thanks for all this help I needed but wasn't able to ask for. Thank you for helping me through my first yr and beyond….

  2. Excellent! and soooooo true

  3. Kathleen Roberts

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