Ranch Cottage Cheese

Well…not really. The below recipe is a cross between a “happy accident” and “necessity is the mother of all invention.” Here’s what had happened:

I live in Baltimore and it was decided (by God, Mother Nature, or whomever you personally hail to) that Baltimore should get a gabillionty seven inches of snow over the course of a week. Before the snow hit I, like everyone else, flocked to the grocery store to get my necessities, one of which being plain cottage cheese, which I usually like to eat mixed with Splenda and PB2 (go ahead and say it…ewwwwww). S’anyway…I grabbed what I thought was plain cottage cheese and went home to settle in for the storm.

Well…a few hours and a few thousand inches of snow later I realized that I had NOT gotten plain cottage cheese but cottage cheese with chives. I was so PISSED! I wanted peanut buttery, proteiny, cottage cheese (ewwwwww…ok, ok, GET OVER IT!!! It looks gross but tastes yummy, k?). So what’s a gal to do?

Nik’s Cottage on the Ranch

4 oz. cottage cheese with chives
2 tsp (or to taste) dry ranch dressing mix
a few shakes of black pepper

I did this up and wanted to make it purdy (you would think so I could take a pic but noooooo…that would have made too much sense), so I got out two whole wheat Wasa crackers and sliced up some roma tomatoes and put them on top. Spooned my cottage cheese mixture on top of that and topped with a sliver of oven roasted onion (I roast veggies every week and just leave a bunch of them in a covered bowl in the fridge. They are my potato chips).

Verdict: Oh my YUM!!! I used to be very anti-savory cottage cheese. I have been more open minded lately though and I am so glad I was. Anyhoo…if you’re looking for a new way to jazz up your plain cottage cheese…try this. You won’t be sorry!


  1. This sounds good, I like to add a little salsa to my cottage cheese, it is a nice change from salt and pepper.

  2. Yum, yum, and did I say, YUM?!? So simple and easy to make, yet I would have never thought of this combo. I'm newly post-op and this hit the spot for some savory goodness. Love you, the blog, and the recipes. I'm trying your buffalo chicken dip later today; so looking forward to some spicy goodness!