Peanut Brittle Protein Shake

You know this can’t be my blog without some sort of shout out to peanuts! They are one of my favorite foods. I wish I could eat more of them but justifying the fat is hard y’all. I work as much peanut action into my day as possible though.

Folks often ask me how I make peanuts work in my plan. I’ve been blessed to know some savvy post-ops who hipped me to some cool peanut products that’s how! Here are some of my favorites:

PB2 – this is powdered peanuts (NOT powdered peanut butter–there is no butter. It’s just peanuts). These are made by a company called Bell Plantations whose primary product is peanut oil. But being the geniuses they are they found that after pressing the oil from the peanuts there was this ground peanut powder left over. And so a great product was born! I use it in shakes and other places where I want peanut butter taste without peanut butter calories. 2 tbsp of traditional peanut butter= 180 calories, PB2=54.25 calories. Viva la difference!

Power PB – not to be confused with Power Butter, which is also a worthy product but the stats on Power PB come in WAY better. It has lots of protein (2 tbsp=12g protein vs. traditional peanut butter=7g) for less calories (2 tbsp Power PB=about 160 calories vs. traditional peanut butter=180), plus it has flax seeds, an additional source of good fat.

Inspire Peanut Butter cookie protein powder – a friend from OH sent me this and I’ve been hankering to get my grubby little hands on some more ever since! It is a good base for any peanut inspired protein shake, protein ice cream or other protein snack.

So with all that in mind, I present this week’s protein shake offering. Ridiculously simple yet simply delicious!

Peanut brittle protein shake

8 oz. skim milk
2 tbsp PB2
1 scoop vanilla whey (or peanut butter cookie powder if you have it)
2 tablespoons sugar free English Toffee syrup (Torani/Davinci – if you don’t have this syrup, a little bit of maple extract would work well. Slightly different flavor but still good!)
1 tbsp sugar free/fat free butterscotch pudding mix 5-6 cubes of ice

Put all ingredients except ice in the blender and whiz. Add ice and whiz again.

Yum, yum, YUM. Top with a little bit of whippage and you’re good to go! And don’t feel guilty when you drink this. Because not only is it not bad on calories and great on protein, but you are doing your duty to WLS rules!
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And last but not least an update. The Eggs Rosette movement is still going strong! This one is from Bugpuddin on OH, who describes this as her “sauteed mushrooms, chopped freshspinach & asiago cheese” which is even better, she says than her fresh basil and feta cheese rosettes.

Ok, Bugpuddin honey…have my room ready by Friday. I’m moving in, k?

If you’ve made a version of the rosettes and are willing to share, e-mail me please! I am working on a rosette collage of sorts.

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