Orange Creamsicle Protein Shake

~~by Nikki

So since it seems we’ve been on a tour of “Nik’s favorite summer flavors (as told through protein shakes)” I figured I’d continue the trend here.

This was one of the first non-standard protein shakes I learned how to make and it still serves me well when I have a taste for it. Now I know what some of you will say, “there are orange creamsicle flavored protein powders out there!” Yes, yes there are. And if you can afford to buy them, I say go for it! This one is especially good. But most days I’m living on paycheck to three-days-until-my-next paycheck and, frankly, the below is cheaper than buying specialty protein powder.

Making it is like transporting back to those first few months post-op. I have hazy memories of that time (even though it was just 2 years ago) but I know that this shake was a comforting staple in an otherwise rapidly changing existence.

I hope you get as much out of it as I do!

Orange Creamsicle Protein Shake (on a budget!)

1 c. milk (whichever kind you use)

1 scoop vanilla whey (I use this kind, but I buy from Wal-Mart)

½ a sugar-free orange drink stick

No-calorie sweetener (to taste)

Make according to the Triple X method. I highly recommend a dollop of whippage with this one too. It reminds me of those orange push-up ice creams of my childhood. You know…back when EVERYTHING was 25 cents.

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  1. The orange Hawaiian punch is much tastier.. like an orange protein julius