Nutella Protein Shake

I have a good friend from OH who is always sending me stuff. In the two years I’ve been an active member she’s sent me Christmas goodies and when I met her in person she came loaded down with stuff for me. I love presents, but especially those types of presents because they give me a glimpse into who a person is and what they like.


Included in one such package were a few sample sized containers of Nutella. Now I’d heard of the stuff but never tried it pre-op (I know…what a shame…), so the first thing I did…being a good lil’ RNY patient…is look up the stats! And I found out that I probably should not consume even the sample size lest I end up in Dump City (and I would have…trust me…) but I did manage a small taste (think pinkie dip) and it was DREAMY! My first thought was…I gotta figure out how to make a protein shake of this flavor.

I tried a few times and…enhhh…they were ok. There was something missing. Then the very, very, very, VERY last person you would expect to give advice that helps in weight loss provided the missing link. It was the Barefoot Contessa…Ms. Ina Garten, whose rich recipes are the main source of my food pornography viewing.
So employing her tips and tricks, I present to you…a shake I can confidently call…

Nik’s Nutella Protein Shake
8 oz. skim milk (I like Hood Calorie Countdown…45 calories/3g carbs/8g protein per cup!)
1 scoop chocolate whey
1 tbsp dry sugar-free, fat free chocolate pudding mix
1 tsp good instant decaf coffee (Taster’s Choice, Via…NOT the dollar store variety)
4-5 pumps sugar-free hazelnut syrup

Put it all in a blender and whiz. If you like yours slushy like a milkshake, add a couple of cubes of ice and blend again. Top with some whipped cream and ENJOY!

The missing link, I think, was the coffee. Ina is always saying just a bit of coffee with chocolate amps up the flavor, but you don’t notice the coffee. I was dubious but willing to try. Boy did it pay off! It makes the whole thing taste like it was made with expensive chocolate. Which is never, ever a bad thing.


  1. La- The Curvy Life

    OOH I keep saying that I am going to try some of these recipes.. but I never do! This sounds great!

  2. I am sipping one of these right now! The only change I made was, I didn't have any SF pudding mix (well, I did, but banana or butterscotch wouldn't be right), so I added a squirt of Monin SF dark chocolate syrup and only 3 pumps of hazelnut…pretty darn tasty! I think next time I'll throw in a few ice cubes. Thanks for the idea!

  3. Unfortunately, I didn't think this tasted like Nutella. It wasn't bad though. I let someone else taste it (not telling them what it was supposed to be) and she said it was coffee-flavored. (I used Taster's Choice and measured properly.) I wish I didn't buy a bottle of Hazelnut syrup just to make this. It wasn't really worth it. Thanks for trying though.

  4. Hello Anonymous,

    Congrats for trying something new! I would encourage you to play around with the hazelnut syrup. There are plenty of uses for it here on the blog. I ry not to suggest a purchase without giving you at least a few options!

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