Nik’s Tropical Sunrise Protein Smoothie

Raise your hand if this has ever happened to you.

You decide to be nice and make something yummy for someone you love. It’s not for you, it’s for them. And because you love them, you put some actual effort into making it good — you measure out your ingredients, you mix it all up and prepare it carefully…you even make it look pretty.

Then, just to make sure everything is good…you know, quality control and all…you decide to have tiny little taste and think, “Hot damn! Why didn’t I make this for myself????” And now you’re officially pissed off. Because you know when you DO make it for yourself…it isn’t going to taste this good!

I found myself in that situation this morning. La Petite Diva has always loved protein drinks and I don’t mind feeding them to her, especially for breakfast on the go. She even has her own dedicated blender bottle so she can continue drinking all the way until she gets to school!

Here’s what went in the cup today:

Nik’s Tropical Sunrise Protein Smoothie

(Note: I’m not giving exact amounts with the fruit because, frankly, I always have a bit of trouble determining the actual measurement. I will say I filled my Magic Bullet blender cup ¾ of the way with fruit if that helps).

Frozen fruit medley (with a special emphasis on peaches, melon and strawberry)
Fresh cut mango
1 c. skim milk
1 scoop unflavored protein (or you could use a vanilla if you like)
½ stick Orange Early Sunrise drink mix (the kind from Wal-Mart)
A splash of sugar-free Coconut syrup


Place fruit, milk, protein and drink mix in a blender and blend until smooth.

I topped the above with a dollop of whippage (force of habit) and a few mango pieces…after which I took the ill-fated sip before dumping the whole thing into my daughters blender cup.

I vow to make myself this smoothie later on today!!!


  1. I make something like this but instead of skim milk I use greek yogurt. And I use Jay Robb Pina Colada Protein Powder! Yummy! Also sub out the mango and replace with some pineapple and just as awesome!

  2. I made this today with banana, papaya and Greek yogurt – wonderful!