Nik Loves Egg Burgers!!!

After my multiple mentions about them in my WLSFA Meet & Greet recaps…(read parts one and two to catch up if you need to), you all HAD to know I was gonna make an egg burger!

I had two varieties in Vegas. The first was a turkey burger with cheese, turkey bacon and an egg. It was good. But here’s the thing. I don’t delude myself. Turkey bacon, while a reputable breakfast meat, is not “bacon” bacon. I don’t expect it to be and therefore am not disappointed that it’s not. And I think with this particular thing I needed “bacon” bacon.

So then I went to Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant, “Burgr” and had an egg burger made from beef with cheese and something called “duck breast bacon” which was actually pretty good. Duck is fairly high in fat so I guess it makes good bacon? I dunno. It was yummy.

For my at-home version, however, I decided to forgo the bacon (I know, a travesty!) and focus on other things. I had a taste for onions, ya see. So I sliced one up, caramelized half and pan fried the other half to be the bed for this burger.

Seriously? Pan frying onions is so easy and tasty! If you love onion rings, you’ll love these. Put a little pat of butter in a pan and let it melt down. Reduce your heat to medium and throw the onions in there and then…walk away. In about 10 minutes they’ll be all crispy (and some burnt if you don’t watch them, but I actually like that) and with a little dash of salt they taste JUST LIKE ONION RINGS without the breading!

Anyhoo, so this is a lowfat turkey burger, a slice of good ol’ American Cheese and, of course, my lil’ egg on top. No bun. Don’t need it!

S’anyway, I fixed up my little plate above, sat down and…

Ok, in the interest of full disclosure, if you’re using commercial turkey burger patties, especially low-fat ones, you’re gonna need a knife. So I got up and got a knife, sat back down, cut into that bad boy and…it was absolutely everything. The savory burger, the cheese, the egg yolk drizzling down over the pan-fried onions. It was like steak and frites and onion rings and breakfast and a whole TROTH of good food memories rolled into one.

I haven’t been so satisfied since…well, yeah. Anyway.

The love continues…

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  1. That looks so delicious. i love all kinds of squash too.

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