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Low-Carb Lemon Bars: Recipe Fail (and recovery!)

It happens to the best of us, Foodies. Even me. You get drawn into a recipe online, especially one of those really neat recipe videos, and you decide, “I’m gonna make that!” So you gather up all your little ingredients. You set aside time to make this glorious creation. You put your whole heart into the endeavor, summoning every ounce …

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#PWYF Moment: Tammy’s Chocolate Peanut Butter Roll Cake

(Before we get to the cake…have you entered this week’s “Bariatric Foodie Season of Giving” drawing? There’s Quest Bars up for grabs, people go enter!!!) Anyhoo…I love when you guys show me what you’re cooking. Doesn’t even have to be from this blog. I just love to see what you’re up to in the kitchen. Incidentally this submission was inspired …

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Protein Pumpkin Bread

Indulge me a short manifesto. Every year (late-August, to be exact) the same thing happens. I innocently log onto my Facebook feed and see that my friends have started to “pumpkin all the things!” And frankly, it’s all a bit ridiculous to me. Like the other day I saw a pumpkin spice flavored chicken sausage. Like…really? I’m not going to …

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Sugar Free Jellied Cranberry Sauce

~~posted by Jen Yesterday I posted the Comprehensive Thanksgiving Recipe tips along with my Whole Berry version of Sugar Free Cranberry Sauce. I know some people are purists and don’t like actual berries in their sauce, so this is the Sugar Free Jellied version. My camera is still MIA, it’s somewhere here in the remodelling mania. Hopefully I will find it since …

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Protein Pumpkin Roll Cake

So we at Bariatric Foodie are all about equal opportunity. We believe that post-op WLS patients have the same right to yummy food as everyone else. We also believe we should have our own indulgences. The account that follows is my attempt to fulfill an indulgence of my own. Please take note of a few things before we start on this …

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