Important Holiday Preview Announcement!

Don’t worry…it’s not one of those “Armageddon/’Goodbye, cruel world!” types of things. But it is pretty important so we thought we should make an announcement.

We’re really excited about our upcoming Pouch Party™ 2010 Holiday Preview. And you’ve told us that you are pretty jazzed about it too.

We are expecting a good crowd, but many of you who have said you are coming have not yet purchased your tickets.

For those who have planned dinner parties yourself, you know how crucial it is to have a good head count. We have lots of yummy holiday recipes planned and we want to make sure we have enough food for everyone who wants to come!

But, we’ve heard some people say they are planning to pay at the door. And that is fine, we welcome anyone who would like to attend. However, a head count is still necessary for our planning.

Here is our humble plea: if you can buy your ticket soon, please do. That way we know you are coming. If you cannot buy your ticket until the day of the event, we understand but we still need to know you are coming! Please RSVP to:

We’ll tally up the final head count within the next week and will make food to accommodate the number of people who respond. We hope you’re able to join us, because we look forward to sharing our holiday recipes and inspiration with you!

If you can’t make it to the holiday preview, we understand! Which is why, at the suggestion of one of our faithful readers (Thanks, Katie!) we are bringing the preview to you! We’ve had lots of our out-of-state friends saying they wished they lived closer.

A few of the recipes will be shared here after the preview, but not all of them. If you’d like to experience the full effect of the Holiday Preview in your own home, you can now order our “Portable Preview” that will be shipped right after the Party.

For $15 (half the admission price to the Preview) you can order the “Basic Portable Preview” which includes  recipe cards of every recipe we present at the Preview, a Shake It Up! Sample Cup of two protein shake recipes, and the same goody bag we give out at the Party. You’ll also be entered in a prize drawing, just like we’re doing at the Preview.

Want the Preview AND a little something extra? We also have the “Deluxe Portable Preview” available for $30 (same as full admission price to the Preview) which includes everything from the Basic Portable Preview AND a copy of our Pouch Party Shake It Up! Protein Shake Recipe Book, 1st Edition.

You can also order extra copies of the Protein Shake Book for $15 each. These make a great gift for WLS friends, or pick up one for yourself as an early holiday gift!

We are taking orders now, just click the link over on the right hand side of this page, then select which item you want to order. It will take you straight to PayPal so you can place your order. You’ll receive a confirmation email within 3 days of placing your order. All items will be shipped on or after November 15 (the Monday after the Holiday Preview).


  1. Wish you still had this going… I would have defiantly loved to come but I wasn't aware of you yet and still not post-op. Is there one you could put together for the Deluxe version for those who would like it?? Please Please let me know. 🙂 Newbie one week out 🙂

  2. Hi Jax,

    Every year I do a Bariatric Foodie Holiday Survival Kit. Pre-orders usually begin sometime in October. Stay tuned!

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