How to post Bariatric Foodie Recipes on YOUR blog or website

Today I became aware of a website that has copied/pasted a lot of my content without proper citation.

Being a writer, I’m especially sensitive to this. Plagiarism is the highest of crimes in my profession and I think of recipe snatching the same way.

That’s not to say you can’t use Bariatric Foodie recipes on your own website or for your support group or wherever! Here is how I ask that you do so:

  1. If you have made a recipe from BF and are sharing it online: I’d prefer you use a picture of what YOU made, along with a link back to the original recipe here on Bariatric Foodie. And as always be honest about your experiences with my recipes! Maybe you tweaked something or it didn’t turn out the way mine did. That’s why I say post a pic of your dish, not mine. That gives a more accurate account for your readers about how this recipe turned out for you.
  2. If you’ve seen a recipe on BF and simply want to include it in your page (but have not made it yourself). I’d prefer you use the picture I provided with a link, but not the entire recipe. Then please direct your readers to click the link to get the full recipe.
  3. If you’d like to print and share my recipes in hardcopy. That’s great! There’s a print-friendly button below every post for that purpose. And usually the link will show up on that print document. But just in case, I ask that you use the statement, “Recipe courtesy of Bariatric Foodie,” 
  4. If you’d like to copy/paste a recipe to be printed in hardcopy. Please include the statement, “Recipe courtesy of Bariatric Foodie,”
These request are all in line with intellectual property laws and, on a personal note, show me that you care about the time and effort I put into this community.
I THANK YOU all for being Bariatric Foodies and for being on this culinary adventure with me.
Now…go play with your food!

One comment

  1. James Reynolds

    Thanks for the information. I had bariatric surgery in Oklahoma City at a Summit Medical Center. They were great; they took care of everything I needed and made sure I was OK through-out the whole process! I cant wait to try some of these recipees

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