Friday Night Mocktail: Irish Cream Protein Drink

~by Nikki
Not our drink…but doesn’t it scream “I’m SESSAY!”
Ok, so I’ll admit it…I only ever had Irish Cream in ice cream as a pre-op. I used to work at a place called Lee’s Ice Cream at Baltimore’s Inner Harbor and they served Bailey’s Irish Cream flavored ice cream. NOMMITY NOM NOM!

So that’s what I was trying to re-create. In researching this shake, I did take a teeny sip of a regular Irish cream drink (and had the fear of the dumping Gods in my heart). I think I may have done this one justice. Or at least I hope!

Nik’s Irish Cream Protein Drink


8 oz. milk
1 scoop vanilla protein powder
3 pumps sugar-free Irish Cream syrup
1 tablespoon sugar-free vanilla pudding mix
Optional: a few pumps of sugar-free Butter Rum syrup

I know, I know, Irish Cream usually evokes thoughts of whiskey (Irish, of course) BUT I found quite a few traditional drink recipes that mix Irish Cream and Rum, and it makes it taste more “boozy.” So bear with me people!


Combine in a blender and whiz it!

Serve it in a sexy glass on the rocks and look sexy holding it.
(Yes…the look sexy part IS a part of the recipe)

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