This is some seriously sexy protein

I’m delving into a different kind of protein shake. One for the “grown and sexy” set. Ladies who take martinis in the morning and their lovers in the afternoon and all that jazz…

So why the pic of Eartha Kitt? Well…if she was a post-RNY patient she is EXACTLY the kind of person who would drink this sophisticated shake. (That and…I think grown and sexy and a mental picture of Eartha Kitt pops up…I dunno why)

Chocolate Orange Liquer Protein Shake

8 oz skim milk
1 scoop chocolate whey
1 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder
1 tbsp sugar-free Davinci Butter Rum syrup
1/2 a sugar-free orange drink stick
1 tablespoon Splenda (I used 1.5 to offset the bitterness of the cocoa)

You can either blend with ice or serve over ice. Use whippage or just put it in a sexy glass and feel sexy sipping it. Go ahead…you know you wanna…

This is some seriously sexy protein
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This is some seriously sexy protein
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  1. OOH sounds yummy! and I LOVE Eartha Kitt! Thanks!!

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