The Egg NikMuffin…

Here at Bariatric Foodie, we’re trying to find a good balance between recipes geared toward newer post-ops and ones for us “veterans.” This one, I would say…is more for the vets (but newbies…this is the kind of stuff you have to look forward to!). This is also good for people trying to wean their family off of fast food breakfasts!

So my life is kind of hectic. I have the two kids, the dog, the two cats, I sit on every committee/board in my neighborhood, I do Pouch Party™…oh yeah…and I also contribute to a certain food blog…

All that is to say that breakfast sometimes has to be on the fly. Now most of the time I do a protein shake, but sometimes I want something savory. To accomplish this, I mainly prep and freeze stuff I can grab and heat up at work. Such is the case with this little gem.

When I first started doing Pouch Party™, I used to demo this sandwich all the time. And I’d forgotten all about it until the other day when my daughter actually asked me to make my homemade turkey sausage (recipe below). And that’s when I fell in love ALL over again…

So here you go…the method…the madness…the Egg NikMuffin!!!

Now for a quicker version of this you can buy low-fat turkey sausage. I make my own. Why? Cuz I like my food better than anybody else’s! If you’d like to try your hand at sausage, it’s ridiculously easy:

Nik’s Turkey Sausage


1 lb. ground turkey (don’t get super lean. I’d say 85/15)
¼ tsp salt (yes that’s a good bit, adjust if you see fit…)
¼ tsp garlic powder
¼ tsp onion powder
1/8 tsp ground sage
1/8 tsp crushed red pepper (or you can omit if you don’t like the kick)


Mix everything well in a bowl (see, easy!). Form into patties and fry. I like to do mine on the George Foreman grill just because it’s low maintenance and I can go do something else while they are cooking.

Now onto the Nik Muffin…

Egg NikMuffin


One 100 calorie whole-wheat English Muffin
1 egg, beaten (or egg substitute equivalent)
1 turkey sausage patty
1 slice of whatever kind of cheese floats your boat


1 stainless steel round cookie cutter (or biscuit cutters work)


Set your sausages to cooking whatever way you cook them.

Meanwhile, heat a sprayed skillet over a medium flame. Spray the inside of your cookie cutter and place it in the skillet. Pour in egg and allow it to firm up (about 2 minutes or so). Remove ring when egg round is well formed, flip and cook an additional minute.

Meanwhile, toast your English muffin. Spray it down with whatever you use (these days I use Olivio spray, 0 calories!).

Once the egg and sausage are done, layer the egg on the muffin, then the sausage, then the cheese and let it sit for a few seconds. The cheese will melt. Top with other half of muffin and you’re good to go!

For the longest time, a serving for me was half of this. These days I can eat the whole thing but I don’t want to go near food for at least 4 hours!

Either way, it’s a hearty way to start your day and on the overall much better for you than that “other” muffin sandwich.


The Egg NikMuffin...
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The Egg NikMuffin...
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  1. I Just started doing something exactly like this a couple of weeks ago, I only allow myself to do it once or twice a week, but I do the 100 calorie high fiber english muffin, 1 egg (over easy) and 1 slice of cheese, with a little spritz of Can't believe it's not butter. OMG Most fantastic breakfast I have had since surgery. I am not really a breakfast eater now, usually just do a protein shake, but this is a great way to shake it up! 🙂 Thanks for the Turkey Sausage recipe, I am going to have to try that on a weekend!

  2. Hi, great site! Real post-op, surgery 1 wk ago. Looking for great recipes, found them! 🙂

    Question: How many sausage patties do you get out of 1 lb of turkey?

    Thanks much for all your hard work.

  3. Hiya!

    It depends on how big you make your sausages. I get about 8 of them out of a pound of meat (2 oz. each BEFORE cooking).

  4. Can you eat this on a soft food diet?

  5. Dear Anonymous,

    No. this recipe is NOT appropriate for a soft food diet and you should be approved to eat starches before attempting it.

    Hope that helps.


  6. Hey Nik,

    Any recommendations for pre-making and freezing the sausage & egg patties?

  7. The sausage can be made in batches and frozen if wrapped properly (I use my Food Saver machine). The egg I would make when assembling. I may have said earlier to freeze the whole thing but I never had a problem with nuked eggs. Some folks do though.

  8. I haven't even had my surgery yet and I'm already looking for recipes so I don't feel deprived. So happy I found this blog, and this recipe!

  9. Just bought a hamilton beach breakfast sandwich maker. This is perfect thanks for the sausage recipe

  10. What is a Pouch Party? Do you still do it?

  11. I use the Nordic Ware microwave Eggs 'N Muffin Breakfast Pan. Egg substitute, low fat frozen turkey sausage patty, and cheese of choice. FAST, moist, delicious to my RNY pouch! Just the right size. Omit the English muffin. High protein , low cal.

  12. You could also use the Boca veggie sausage patties for these. I am not a vegetarian but I love the maple flavored ones. Lots of fiber, too.

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