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The day it all “Click’d”

Be patient…I want to go through this whole experience of trying Vanilla Click.

So…I get the package and am ridiculously excited (as evidenced by my post). My first impression of the canister was that I think they should have changed up the packaging a bit. I mean this is New! Vanilla Latte! CLICK! If Click were sold on a shelf near me (and thank GOD it isn’t) and I passed this stuff, I’d think it was the old flavor. I wouldn’t know it was the New! Vanilla Latte! CLICK!!!


I seriously thought about foregoing lunch to try this but I decided against it. My lunch involved grilled chicken, technically a better source of protein than the casein protein in Click. One thing I love about my RNY is the ability to think rationally about my food choices. Actions? That’s a whole ‘nother jar of peanut butter. But I digress…

So I have this thing of Hood milk here at the office. I brought it in one day and forgot to take it home. Hood milk lasts forever and ever. I bought it a month ago and the stuff doesn’t expire for another three weeks. Anyhoo…so I get out my trusty work blender (yes, I keep a blender at work. A mini-sized one) and my Hood milk. I like cold protein drinks so I poured in some milk and opened my jar of New! Vanilla Latte! Click! and…

It is soooo wierd. It’s like white with little brown flecks in it. Kinda like when I make my decaf version of Click and you can see the flecks of coffee in it. Freaky. I guess the brown in the mocha hides that dynamic. Anyway, it smells like cake batter. I don’t like that but I am willing to forgive it stuff tastes good.

So I whiz up 2 scoops with some milk and decide to taste it straight up (my inclination is to add about 3 packets of Splenda). Not bad…not bad at all. But I still want Splenda. So I add it + 6 ice cubes (my rule for making a good thick shake…add ice until 2 cubes break the surface of the liquid…). Whiz it again and taste…

You know what it tastes like to me…coffee flavored ice cream. I kid you not. I was so pleased! I LOVED coffee flavored ice cream as a kid. Mind you I loved it atop a warm brownie but I’m trying to live better these days.

So my verdict? Me likes. I have to play with it some before I decide if I like it better than mocha. It’s got big shoes to fill. So my next mission is to make a protein heavy vanilla Click Frapp (my mocha one sports 42.5g of protein).
I’ll keep you posted.

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