Corned Beef Hash a la Nik

You know what’s been missing on this blog lately? FOOD!

So what better way to jump back into playing with our food than with a spin on one of my fave breakfast foods.

Corned beef hash. Oh how I miss it!

And miss it I did until I had a light bulb moment (these are few and far between for me so they are very special moments).

Corned beef hash is a good example of when what you THINK you want from a food is not what you really want from a food.

What I thought I wanted (and could not have) was those little bits of fried potato. But that’s not what I wanted. When I thought about it, what I wanted was caramelized veggies with my salty corned beef. THAT is what I wanted.

And here’s the thing. You can caramelize damn near any veggie and it can taste just as good as, if not better than, those potatoes.

So here’s how I made corned beef hash work.

Corned Beef Hash a la Nik
(Makes about 2-4 “us” sized servings, depending on surgery date)

1 cup yellow squash, diced large (and if you like, peeled)
½ an onion, finely diced
1 clove garlic, minced
4 oz. deli sliced corned beef, chopped up
Fresh ground black pepper

Get your frying pan (or, in my case, a griddle) very hot and then spray down with cooking spray.

While my pan is heating I typically dice up my squash. By the time I’m done, my pan is nice and hot. I then lower the heat to medium and add squash and onions. Sautee until they are softened and then add garlic.

While all THAT is cooking, I cut up my deli corned beef. Then once the veggies are done I add it into the veggies well.

Continue to sautee until meat is crispy and veggies are caramelized (onions will become golden and skins of squash, if left on, will brown).

And that’s it! Now, if you want to stop there, that’s great. You’ve got a tasty little meal there. If you want to take it to the next level, you can scramble in an egg (or some Egg Beaters if you prefer) as shown above. For me, this would equal the perfect breakfast!

This recipe is super simple. The corned beef has enough salt to season the whole thing. The garlic gives it that extra savory punch. And by sautéing most of the water out of veggies, they get nice and caramelized and explode with flavor.

Corned Beef Hash a la Nik
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Corned Beef Hash a la Nik
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  1. Sounds great, but i'd put a fried or poached egg on top of it. Maybe even melt a bit of cheese over the egg. MMMM, ok. I'm gonna get my behind into the kitchen to make my second breakfast now. My first breakfast is always yogurt. It wakes up my grouchy pouch and lets her know that shes going to be expected to do some work today. Course after my surgery she doesn't work hard anymore…lol. My son says she's is kinda retired…lol.

  2. Oh I love a fried egg with some corned beef hash! Thanks for reminding me of that!

  3. Love it Thank you so much for sharing your recipes!!!!!twice now i made it once change the recipe a bit but its amazing!!

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