The Clickabutter Frapp (…and a BF Review)

My friend Pam. You’ve heard me mention her a few times, right? Well, she sent me a box for Christmas, bless her heart. In it was something I’d been wanting to try forever: Body Fortress Chocolate-Peanut Butter protein powder!!!
So I have a review and a recipe. The whole thing is too damn long (meaning it really should be two blog posts) so I am putting a handy-dandy bold purple subtitle on each section so if you want to come back to the review and go straight for the recipe, you can do that (but do come back please!). Aren’t I considerate???
The Review
Body Fortress Whey Protein Powder - Chocolate (2 lb.)
Psst! Click the picture (or any of the links in this post)! It’ll take you to where you can order!!!
Now, let me say this about my beloved Body Fortress. Yes, it contains whey protein concentrate (along with isolate). That means it has some lactose and fat in it that isolate alone does not. This does not, in my estimation, make it a lesser protein. The whey in it is no less easily absorbed than whey isolate alone. It’s just that if you had equal scoops of concentrate blend and isolate alone, the isolate would obviously have more whey protein in it than the concentrate would. Clear as mud, right?

But in the end, I defer to results in all things. Body Fortress has been 98% of my protein supplement consumption for the last three years. I lost 155 lbs. Went from a size 26 to a size 10. Here is my journey in pictures:

Enough said. Moving on…

Usually I have to doctor Body Fortress up. It doesn’t have a really bad whey smell but the taste alone doesn’t do much for me. This is a good thing, especially for all of you, because the fact that I had to doctor up Body Fortress is what got me to experimenting with protein shake recipes. And look where that got us!

So when the sample of the powder arrived, I decided to be scientific about trying it (or, as scientific as my decidedly un-scientific self is capable of being).

First, I tried it with some water. I generally don’t like water-based shakes. But I wanted to get an idea of the “flavor profile” of the powder (look at me, using fancy culinary terms!). I noticed three things:

  1. The powder stands on its own in terms of sweetness – no Splenda needed! (this says a lot as I am a Splenda crackhead)
  2. The shake thickened up upon blending, probably because of the addition of the peanut product (I wish I knew what it was…the label doesn’t say…)
  3. You can actually taste the peanut component. Like…for real. Not a fake peanut taste but real, genuine peanuts. Mmmmm…

So obviously I didn’t really like the water based shake so then I moved onto just milk and the powder. Not a bad experience either. Not my preference, which is why I was glad when it came time to fool around with it.

I’d been making what I call a “Clickabutter” Frapp for a while now. For some reason, peanut amps up the coffee-ness of coffee (in much the same way coffee amps up the chocolatey-ness of chocolate). It’s hard to describe, but peanut butter flavor in a coffee drink doesn’t exactly read as peanut butter (if done in the right proportions). Instead, it reads as a really strong coffee flavor.

So I decided to see how Body Fortress figured into that. Here’s what I came up with:

Nik’s “Clickabutter” Frapp

The finished Frapp in all it’s…Frapp-ness!
8 oz. milk

1 scoop Click mocha
1 scoop Body Fortress chocolate-peanut butter protein powder
6 cubes of ice

I made it according to the Triple X method, of course (your mileage may vary so use your good judgment) and poured it into a glass.

And I sipped. And I sipped again. And again. I like it. I like it a lot! The peanut butter did amp up the coffee flavor but my tongue still picked up the peanut butter flavor. As with all my shakes, it was thick and creamy. It could have used a dollop of whippage but we can rectify that in the future.

“But Nik…I like the Click Vanilla Latte! I still want a Clickabutter Frapp!”
You folks are lucky I love you! 🙂 I am not the biggest fan of Click Vanilla Latte (I don’t hate it…it’s just that I am on Team Chocolate), but I do have a canister that I keep around when the occasional vanilla craving hits (and on those days the stuff really hits the spot). Here’s my vanilla variation:
Nik’s Vanilla Clickabutter Frapp
1 c. milk
1 scoop GOOD vanilla protein (sadly…unlike Pam…I would not put Body Fortress in this category)
2 tbsp PB2 (or Peanut Flour from Trader Joe’s)
6 cubes of ice
(Preparation is the same as above)

A warning about my Click Frapps in general: there is a LOT of protein in them. If you make yours from exactly the same ingredients as mine, there is 41.5g of protein in the shake to be precise. Newbies, tread with caution. And no…your body doesn’t explode if you have too much protein at a sitting. For those of you who are gym rats, your body will USE the protein. For anyone else…remember that if you had RNY or DS you have a malabsorptive digestive system. A high protein shake simply increases the overall amount of protein you get from the shake.

Anyway…now I have to order some Body Fortress Chocolate Peanut Butter. Damn you Pam!!! I have a cabillionty seven containers of protein and I am sitting here on the cusp of ordering yet another. Sigh…

Verdict: Divas say Divine!

The Clickabutter Frapp (...and a BF Review)
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The Clickabutter Frapp (...and a BF Review)
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  1. Instead of ordering chocolate-peanut butter BF, why not just use your chocolate BF and add PB2?

  2. Alas I am neurotic about the calories (it's just who I am…). Using Body Fortress cuts 55 calories from my shake…enough to fit a non-protein salted caramel hot cocoa (with whippage) into my daily plan!

  3. did have the BF peanut butter on sale. with .97 cent shipping. You might want to look before it is gone! I know this because I ordered mine on Sunday!

  4. I use body fortress because it is what I can afford and it tastes good and doesn't smell bad I actually think it smells good compared to other protein. I ordered my 1st tub of Click last night cant wait to try it! Thanks for all the great recipes. It is making my life much easier and tastier.

  5. Maggie…if we can save just one person from making a nasty protein shake, we consider our work totally worth it! Glad you enjoy the blog and let us know how you like the Frapp!

  6. How close is TJ's Peanut Flour to PB2? I have seen the Peanut Flour but never tried it. Now you have me curious!!

  7. Unfortunately, TJ's stopped selling peanut flour! But they were exactly the same. Sigh. Me = sad.

  8. I used the original "Clickabutter" recipe but used vanilla latte Click instead. Delicious!!!

    Thanks for the recipe!

  9. How is it without the click protein? Or is there somethin similar u can buy in the store instead of online?

  10. Without the Click it isn't really a Frapp. The drink gets its texture/flavor from the Click. But it is sold in some Vitamin Shoppe stores, so you could check there. Otherwise, I'd say chocolate protein + some decaf coffee would do nicely but the texture just isn't the same!

  11. So I just found this recipe of yours..I didn’t exactly have all of the same ingredients you used so I winged it and man is it delicious! And my son is in love too so I can share a tiny bit with him for added protein.
    I used 8 oz 2%
    1 scoop Click Mocha
    1 scoop GNC Total Lean Cookies &a Cream
    1 T PB2
    8 pieces of ice
    It’s truly heaven and I can’t thank you enough for this recipe!!!

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